I know we’re in the midst of the holiday season and I should be talking about Christmas and all the things we’re doing to celebrate Christmas, and how much I’m looking forward to Christmas, but y’all I’m really just swimming in a fog of no sleep over here so I’m barely making it through each day. And while I’m ordering gifts, wrapping teacher gifts, and baking bread for the “specials” teachers (art, music, gym, etc), we have yet to put up a tree.

I’m ashamed to show my face in public. No tree.

There was that little thing called Thanksgiving weekend, then the other little thing called COMING HOME FROM THE HOSPITAL WITH A NEW BABY, and then hubby didn’t want to get a tree in the snow this past weekend, and this coming weekend he has three different performances of A Christmas Carol in which he has to do a lot of scary pointing as the Ghost of Christmas Future (thank you Suzy for such a complete description of his role). I’m just sayin’: We’re running out of time over here…. and where do I put the presents if there’s no tree?

Can you tell I’m freaking out just a little bit?

Deep breath.

The good news is, I think the children are going to love their gifts. We didn’t go overboard this year…. much easier to do when online shopping. There’s this little mom and pop toy store in our area that gets Henry and I every time. Every time I tell you. They have the most awesome toys… ones that make kids think, aren’t made out of plastic, and spur the imagination-problem-solving- pea-pickin’ brains in your children. Yeah, I don’t think that sentence is grammatically correct. Hmmmm…

Anyway, amazon kept me in check this year because I actually sat down, did research, and planned what each kid would LOVE and then bought exactly that and no more. This is why menu planning works too. Which has nothing to do with this post, but obviously this post is going no where so there’s no reason not to throw that in.

Seriously. Quit the rambling.

This is where I realize there really was a point to me sitting down to post something but being that the last 500 words were about nothing there’s no way you guys are going to take anything I say today seriously. So instead: Go. Be Merry. Be Bright. You have six days until the presents need to be under the tree. Good luck. God speed. And may the force be with you.

(p.s. I just dated myself by not saying, “May the odds be ever in your favor.” So that too.)

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  • Katie Cottle / December 19, 2013 / Reply

    Laughing over here- love this post!

  • Jewell Landreth / December 19, 2013 / Reply

    Because we were moving we had no tree for my oldest son’s FIRST CHRISTMAS! Oh the tears and hysteria I had. However at 16, he seems to bear no mental scars. Bless your heart. Praying that you get some rest soon.

  • MJ / December 19, 2013 / Reply

    If you like vintage traditions…it used to be that decorating and lighting the tree took place on dec 24th, so you still have lots of time. Or, You could get the girls to make and decorate a construction paper tree that you tape to a door or wall and they can be busy making paper ornaments. This could be their best Christmas ever, they will remember this year as the year of Piper. No matter what, sit back and enjoy your blessings.

  • Becky / December 19, 2013 / Reply

    I love this post ~ you are so funny. Doesn’t matter about a tree unless the kids insist. I guess you are going to have to change your blog name now that you have the 4 hobbits. I can’t hardly believe with 3 big kids and a new baby you are doing home baking. You are a awesome mom – just keep on doing what you do Becky

  • Heather DeWitt / December 21, 2013 / Reply

    Thanks for the chuckle. You should see my tree !! You know my blog address? I had Jason break a branch off the maple tree in the year. Can you say Charlie Brown? It’s perfect !! cheap, needle -mess free and really easy to clean-up. I hope you and your family have a blessed Christmas. P.S. I wish my toes were as beautiful as yours. Seriously~~

    • Heather DeWitt / December 21, 2013 / Reply

      year should say “yard” oops

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