Visiting a Mayan Family

May 22, 2013/Ainsley

After a morning of swimming, we were taken to a restaurant where we had the most eclectic mexican buffet – it had pasta alfredo, BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes, several different meats for putting in tacos, the tacos shells of course, and rice and beans. They also had fresh salad with toppings, fruit, macaroni salad and egg salad. It was delicious. Or maybe I was just really hungry. Either way, we got full.

Then we headed to visit a Mayan family who (mostly) lives the way Mayans did centuries ago. They do have a small amount of electricity and buy supplemental food from town. Otherwise, they eat what little they can grow in their limestone yard and raise animals to eat.

Here one of the daughters is making tortillas over an open fire. The gorgeous white dress she is wearing is typical Mayan wear…. you’ll see little Mexican grandmothers still wearing them out and about in the towns.


This family consists of parents and 14 children. That’s not a typo – they have fourteen children! They have several little huts that look like this that they live in.


They also have a pet monkey – Natasha – who runs around like a family cat. Although she was afraid of the tourists, she would still come into the room.


And lay all over the bracelets the family makes and sells to produce a little income.


The girls were so hot and sticky they had little chance to be impressed. They did agree to have their pictures taken with three of the Mayan sisters.



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  • Richelle / May 22, 2013 / Reply

    The dresses are beautiful, but I would be afraid to wear them with the dirt floors and such. 🙂 Did this at all remind you of when our moms took us to Prickett’s Fort and we got to see the folks here making things over fire, etc.? Just a thought.

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