I can’t believe today is the last day of January. Where did the month go? A lot changed for me starting in January. The biggest is that I lost most of my day nursing. I was spoiled last year to say the least.

Okay, okay…. having your son come home at 11 months old on continuous oxygen, practically on continuous feeds, and medicine due every 2 hours takes a lot out of you. Help was necessary! So the insurance company was generous to give me three day shifts of nursing every week in addition to a nurse every night. (Well, it’s written in the policy so I guess Henry’s company is generous!) Then in August, Ryan qualified for a government waiver giving us two more shifts of nursing a week. So for the last five months of last year, I had a nurse three weekdays, on Sunday so Henry and I could to church together and not switch off staying home with Ryan, and an evening shift during the week which Henry and I used for date night. It’s not exactly easy to find someone to watch a baby that requires meds and a feeding tube. So the nursing was a blessing.

The good news is Ryan is only on oxygen at night, has meds at breakfast and before bed, and is on a regular feeding schedule during the day. This makes him much more manageable. The bad news is I no longer have a day nurse from the insurance company.

I was a little anxious going into January… the first full week with the kids back in school, Henry back at work and me home with a special needs toddler. But it’s gone pretty well. In fact, I’m surprised how well it’s going. I still have the two shifts from the waiver. I use one for the day I have Bible study and the other one as needed. It’s still hard finding a sitter for him during the day.

Another change – Ryan is going to church with us now. I start his breakfast a little early on Sundays, but it works. And he takes his nap when we come home… a little late, but what I would’ve done with the girls. He’s adjusts and is typically pretty happy. Yesterday was his third week in the nursery and he’s still doing well. I thought he might be anxious to be in with rough and tumble toddlers without his mom, but the ladies in the nursery say he’s all smiles.

Our week days are great. Ryan’s 3-4 therapy sessions make me slow down (the therapists come to our house so I have to be home). We are having great one-on-one time together. He goes to a mommy and me music class on Wednesday where his face lights up from start to finish watching the other kids sing and dance. He even joins in occasionally. And without an oxygen tank and feeding pump to lug around, errands are doable.

The insurance company is right. We’re ready to be on our own. And we’re loving the new routine.

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  • johanna / January 31, 2011 / Reply

    Glad to hear the new routine is well liked by momma and son. Ryan has come a long way in a year. Praise the Lord!

  • courageous o'connors / January 31, 2011 / Reply

    wow what a improvement in your journey with him. How great they gave you a nurse though.

  • Linda / January 31, 2011 / Reply

    Ryan has come a long way…and so has his Mommy. I am rejoicing over all of this…and that Ryan is enjoying his nursery time and Mommy and me time.

    I am thankful that you had the help and the nursing…but it is encouraging that he is doing well enough to not need them as much. And I know you love having him all to yourself.

    Praising God for Ryan, our miracle boy!.. and for you Leighann.

    Love you both,

  • Lisa / January 31, 2011 / Reply

    It is so good to know things are going good for the both of you, but remeber you are never alone. God and his angels are always by your side.
    I know you can do this you are a super woman, hero…

  • Michelle: / January 31, 2011 / Reply

    Yay! Praise the Lord how exciting to see lots of improvements and changes for everyone! The Lord is with you every step of the way and it’s awesome! 🙂

  • Maggie / January 31, 2011 / Reply

    I was so happy to see him on Sunday! He is such a flirt! It’s so nice to see him doing normal stuff, like going in the nursery.

  • Karen / February 1, 2011 / Reply

    This is one of those milestones that though challenging is true testimony of the miracle of Ryan. From Gods provision of the nursing support while you needed it to knowing exactly when it was time for you both to be more on your own, He has provided.

    It has been humbling an amazing to follow your journey – thanks for being faithful and honest and open.

  • Bridget / February 1, 2011 / Reply

    Good for you! You guys sound like amazing parents and I’m so glad that when you really needed the help it was there for you. Ryan sounds like he is doing fantastically well, you must be so proud of him.

    xoxo Bridget

  • Erik and Ashley / February 3, 2011 / Reply

    that is amazing! so exciting that things are going so well for all of you in this respect. what a blessing.

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