Thanksgiving 2010, Part two

November 27, 2010/Family

Another awesome day with family.

All twelve of us around the table.

The kid table.

Relaxing after dinner.

There were so many people to hang out with.

And so many phones to play with.

Uncle John and Ryan pose in their matching coats. (We were so happy to have John home from training.)

Our newest addition… Muriel… one of the prettiest babies I’ve ever seen. She had to use one of Ryan’s diapers. So cute I could eat her up.

The grandkids minus Ramon.

Two great days. Two delicious meals. I’m stuffed! How ’bout you?

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  • Michelle: / November 27, 2010 / Reply

    Loved all the pictures!! Especially the one with John & Ryan and lil Muriel! PTL for all of you to be together! :o)

  • Lisa / November 27, 2010 / Reply

    Looks like you all made some great memories.

  • Linda / November 29, 2010 / Reply

    Loved seeing some of your extended family all gathered together. And the picture with Ryan and his Uncle John in their camouflage was special.(:>)

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