My Thursday version of Seven Quick Takes since our Pinterest party is on Fridays. Pinterest Party (that was a subliminal message). Pinterest. Party. (there it was again)
1. Jeremy Lin: If you don’t know who he is (Kobe Bryant), it’s time to find out. I find myself excited about the NBA again for the first time in 15 years. Not because he’s Asian. Or because he’s a humble Christian. Because I love winning streaks. And people who’ve been written off, but prove themselves through their actions and not their words.
2. Dreams: Henry saw a poll the other day that went something like this – “Would you rather have your dream house or your dream spouse?” 30% of respondents chose their dream house. THIRTY PERCENT! That’s like 1 in 3 people. It just goes to show how much people buy into the idea that a possession will make you happy. Like truly long-term happy. Our pastor put it well on Christmas Eve when he said ‘stuff’ will always disappoint us because we expect it to do what it was never meant to do (fulfill us).
Climbing off soap box….
3. Henry bought me a smart phone for Christmas. It’s so smart it tries to guess what you’re going to say in your texts so it can autofill or autocorrect as you type. Sometimes I love it, like when I’m typing a twenty-letter word and it guesses on the third letter. Other times I hate it, like when I really mean to say “I’m dropping off Ains.” and it autocorrects it to say “In dewing of Aim” because really I know what I was trying to say.
4. The new upgrade to my computer – that was mandatory for letting the phone sync up with my computer – has the same autocorrect. I HATE IT. I’m constantly typing something and finding out it changed what I wrote. I can’t tell you the number of times since Christmas I’ve reread an email or post I’ve done only to see that autocorrect crept in without my knowing and made me look like an idiot. Look, I am plenty proficient at looking like an idiot on my own. Seriously.
5. My cooking has been super boring lately. I typically like to try new recipes and bake, but recently I am so unmotivated. My family’s been eating spaghetti, baked chicken, and tacos more than I want to admit. 🙂 I’m hoping to get back on the cooking wagon soon ’cause my taste buds really want something fresh and exciting.
6. Ainsley and Natalie were pretending to watch a movie with their dolls before bed last night (Natalie set up a framed picture as the t.v.). When I said “lights out” (which I gave multiple previous warnings about) Ainsley got very upset about not being able to finish the movie. I’m not kidding. “But mmmmommmm, I won’t be able to finish Mr. Popper’s Penguins.” This is where I should remind you there really wasn’t a movie… it was pretend. “Hon, the movie was in your head. You can finish it in your head from your bed.” More crying. “But I don’t know how it ends.” Seriously people. This is what I deal with on a daily basis.
7. Don’t forget about the Pinterest party tomorrow (this is not a subliminal message). I love how doing this motivates me to get these projects done. I regularly make recipes off the internet and Pinterest, but the crafty projects and decorating projects usually just sit there staring at me from my boards. No longer. And it’s more fun we’re doing it together. See you and your Pinspirations tomorrow!

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  • Sarah Joy / February 16, 2012 / Reply

    You obviously speak of the biggest downfall to Apple products! I didn’t know the macs did it too but should have guessed. We are getting ready to switch out PC’s to Mac and that will indeed drive me insane! My sweet phone has changed more words and phrases in text messages than I can count. Have you ever looked up “words”on Pinterest and seen all the iPhone screens? Hysterical when you need a laugh.
    One other thing on this tangent… I do love how Apple software recognizes words you use frequently use and adds them to the dictionary, like Pinterest and the initials for my sons as capitalized (SW, RC, RD).
    Can’t wait to see what everyone posts for the Pinterest Party tomorrow… I haven’t done a thing but recovery management this week!

  • Lizz / February 16, 2012 / Reply

    You CAN turn off the auto correct! There is actually a website completely devoted to the dreaded autocorrect. It is You are NOT alone! Trust me! If you don’t believe me check out the site! 🙂 I HAVE to turn it off. It drives me INSANE!

  • Anonymous / February 22, 2012 / Reply

    Watch out with that new recipe try out thing. My kids now have kids of their own(10 g’children) but the addition of a weekly new recipe to get out of that rut we were in like you has left a visible scar. Only took a few weeks, before I realized that one new recipe a month was less pressure and less REJECTION! I know a lot more now about choosing recipes, but I wasn’t picking weird ingredients, but my five(including my hubbie) picky eaters were a difficult crowd. We survived and actually added some new favorites, but they can still name quite a few of the failures!
    Tweaking old recipes, improving on them became more of a focus. May God bless you and your family in this

  • Mary / February 29, 2012 / Reply

    #6 was my absolute favorite!! I LOL-ed.

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