I haven’t filled out a March Madness bracket since my working days, but I’m not ashamed to admit I’d basically pick all the favorites. I figured there were favorites for a reason. Most years, I did pretty well. This year would not be one of those years. There have been so many upsets this year I’m guessing a lot of people’s brackets are obsolete.

My mother’s typical method for picking winners is based on a) the color of their uniforms or b) where she’d rather be at that moment in time.  Here’s a real conversation from earlier this evening:

Me: Who are we rooting for? Michigan State or Duke?

Mom: Michigan State. I like the green better. Blue and white is okay, but I’m just so over it. It’s everywhere.

My sister: I’m rooting for Michigan St, but that’s because I always root for the underdog and I don’t really like Duke.

Me: I’m rooting for Duke. I want to see the Murphy brothers play each other and if Florida wins they could end up playing off.

My sister: Okay, that would be fun. I could root for Duke.

Me, to my mom: And you know, North Carolina is warmer than Michigan so you’d probably rather be there.

Mom: That’s so true and Michigan just won the last game. We can’t have two schools from the same state in the end. That wouldn’t be right. Okay, I can root for Duke.

Me: Duke it is then.


Who are you rooting for?

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