My Prayer for your Christmas

December 10, 2015/Holidays

imageThis time of year can be so overwhelmingly busy that we forget to stop and reflect on the joy of the season.

We “have” to shop. We “have” to wrap. We “have” to socialize at multiple parties. We “have” to host the Christmas tea and make the Christmas cookies and mail the Christmas cards.

We forget.

We forget we have choices. After awhile the list seems like necessities that have to happen lest anyone think we aren’t in the Christmas spirit.

We forget that Christmas isn’t the only time to see friends, or send cards, or do random acts of kindness.

In our fear of missing out on everyone else’s idea of Christmas traditions, we sacrifice the tradition of stopping to remember.


My prayer for you this year is that you will pause before saying “yes.”

That you will choose your favorite activities and say “no” to the others so your soul can find rest.

That you will spend time with your favorite people and relish in the joy that comes from focusing on each other (even when that joy is just a glimmer or only last the 2.5 seconds before someone spills or breaks something).

My prayer is that you take time to reflect on the hope that was born over two thousand years ago in a quiet stable away from parties and cookies and lights. And that the hope He brings fills your heart with delight.

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  • Martha / December 11, 2015 / Reply

    Thank you! Beautifully put. May Christmas be full of blessings, that will continue in the New Year, for you and your family. 🙂

  • Becky / December 14, 2015 / Reply


    Well put ~ May you also have a peace filled CHRISTmas. Blessings to you and all you love. Becky

    PS – love the pix. Can’t believe how much Piper and the kids have grown

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