I’ve been here and there and yonder in the last few weeks….. the underlying depression that gripped my soul for much of September broke in the last few days. I wrote about it here, and can’t tell you how grateful I am to be out from under the oppressive cloud that wouldn’t go away no matter what tactic I used. Sometimes the soul needs to grieve. Ecclesiastes tells us there is a time for grief. I’m thankful my time was short.

I left for Vietnam on Oct. 3 and didn’t return until Oct. 17. YES! You read that correctly. I left for Vietnam…. for two weeks…. without children or hubby in tow. My dad and I haven’t traveled together since I was a teenager on family vacations and have never traveled just the two of us, I don’t think, so a daddy-daughter trip was a fun and exciting thought. We’ve been planning it for a few years and the timing was finally right.

Two weeks without responsibility felt like a lifetime. I reveled in having someone make all my meals for me, being able to drink a cup of hot tea before it cooled to tepid temperatures, and coming home to a tidy bed every night. Imagine that!

By the end, although I could’ve been convinced to fit in one or two more adventures, I was ready to come home and see my people. I missed the hobbits and giant. They really are very lovely and fun to be around, even though I now have an audience during showers and potty breaks again. (Calgon, take me away!) Haha!

Unfortunately in the past week I’ve also lost….. lost all my pictures to Vietnam on a computer that was damaged by water by a very cute {almost} two-year-old who shall remain unnamed for her own protection. There is an outside chance my logic board will come to life again in a week’s time according to the Apple Genius, but I’m certainly not holding my breath. He also said there may be an outside chance one of the geniuses can recover my hard drive should my logic board decide not to come back on after drying out….. in that case, I might have all my Vietnam pictures and the last few months of movies of my kids (probably up to 9 months) and ALL of my writing projects over the last year….. I’m waiting to weep over lost documents until they tell me the hard drive is gone. Until then, my heart is holding out hope I’ll have them at some point.

I’ve also been sick…. my depression broke and my body took up the mantle. I’m not sure if Solomon told us there is a time to be sick, but my body has decided to grieve in it’s own way. I was on an antibiotic for strep the last 10 days of September and got a tickle in my throat the day my prescription ended. That turned into a cold, that turned into bronchitis. As someone who gets one or two colds a year and that’s about it in terms of illness, back to back infections are concerning. I’ve started in on immune boosting supplements, probiotics, and bacteria fighting essential oils. Here’s hoping I won’t get sick with anything else serious…. I still have a lingering cough that will hopefully go away.

Speaking of hope, I’ve had quite a bit lately and have been able to pass it along to others. I started life coaching training a few weeks ago and have already started taking on clients to complete my practicum hours. I have to say it’s incredibly fulfilling and life-giving all around and I do think I’ve stumbled onto something great.

Have a great weekend with your families!


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  • Linda Hogeland / November 14, 2015 / Reply

    Hi Leighann…So good to see a post from you. Ok..I seem to remember you mentioning the possibility of a trip to Vietnam awhile back, but I didn’t know you had gone and are already back! I really do need to keep better track of you. (As I was unpacking stuff here at my new house, I unpacked your book, and put it away and thought of you and all that you have been through with Ryan…and I paused and prayed for you, and for Ry, and for the whole family! I feel like you are all in my heart…and that it was no mistake that we met in blogland…and no mistake that the Lord wanted me to be a prayer warrior for you…as well as a friend. 🙂
    Anyway…how wonderful that you had two weeks together with your dad…and to just be you…and to do things you never imagined were possible! I think that was a gift from God for sure!!!
    Why did you go to Vietnam? (If I may ask?) Just so curious! 🙂 You may have said…but I am forgetting.
    I am sorry about the depression…but so glad you are doing better, and feeling like the cloud has lifted. So many of us have gone through times of stress, and times of being less than joyful…times when we can’t function as well as we should. Grief as you said, is a process, and we do need time to process and work through things. I know writing your book was like therapy, as you re-live it all in your mind as you put it all into words! Yet, I think it is exhausting too.
    Well, speaking of “writing books”…I should stop now and just say…I love you!
    Take care…and kiss that little gal who may have caused you to lose all the pictures of your trip etc….she’s a blessing! All of your experiences in this life have taught you so much…and made you into the wonderful woman you are today! You will be a terrific life coach!
    Momma Linda

  • Heidi / November 15, 2015 / Reply

    Cannot wait to hear more about your adventures with your dad! I will be praying that you get back all your pics, documents and videos and that your body recovers fully! I know it’s hard to be a mom and sick at the same time. We miss you all so much and can’t wait to hang out again!

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