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January 28, 2015/Uncategorized

Do you ever have one of those days where you feel like you aren’t getting anything done?

Like you’re a hamster on a wheel running and expending energy and getting absolutely nowhere?

Yeah, me too. Like today for instance.

I am trying like mad to get this insider’s guide up and running. Today was my goal…. the pdf is ready but I can’t get my new email updater set up and somehow I feel like this should be in place. Probably not as important as I think, but nonetheless, it has me stalled.

I did manage to organize Ryan’s closet…. this was NOT on my list of things to do, but was on HIS. He kept asking and asking and asking until I had to say FINE, let’s go clean.

So we did. We went through his books and toys and threw away broken things and trash that somehow ends up in the corners of his closet.  Do you find trash in the oddest places? I do. And I always wonder… why in the world does a kid think this is a good place for trash?

We have a whole stack of books to donate to a good cause – I have one in mind already. Yay!  I love passing things on to be loved by someone else.

But no guide. Not yet. Got to run. The baby’s out of hot dog.  Anyone else getting anything done today?

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  • Becky / January 28, 2015 / Reply

    I love that Ryan wants to clean his closet – send him on down to help me clean mine – they sure do need it! Busy day as it is near end of month at work – so too many deadlines, with too few hours to get it all done. Headed to Ga Friday to take my mom to celebrate her younger sister’s 85th birthday. Have a super day Leighann. You are such a good mom & I have no idea how you do all that you do.

  • Tiffany warrenfeltz / January 28, 2015 / Reply

    I feel the same way today. Not sure where all my time went today . Took Jocelyn to school, had an appointment and then came home. I took a bath n then gave Nate one and then ran to walmart. After that came back home n ate lunch with Nate. Then, laid Nate down for nap n then I did some dishes n watched one show I taped n did two scrapbook pages. Started to make dinner n then picked up Jocelyn from school. Then, off to work I go.

  • Debbie / January 28, 2015 / Reply

    I agree with Becky – I think it’s great that Ryan wants to clean. 🙂

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