For everything there is a season….

May 25, 2010/Memory Lane
We lost a member of our family this weekend:

We are going to miss her, but it was time.
This was the first car Henry and I ever bought together. In September of 1999. Henry had just graduated college the May before and our joint car was acting funny. Really funny. Like stalling every time we took it out of gear.
Henry wanted a BMW 3 series. I wanted an Audi A4. Henry had always wanted a BMW. My mom advised me that we once we had kids we might not have the money to buy a sports car and to let Henry have his dream. Henry got his car. I grew to like it.
We drove it until Saturday when CarMax took possession of it. Ten and a half years… with only routine service and a few replaced window sliders. Definitely money well spent.
The memories… Henry and I both felt a little sad to see her go. We had all our babies in that car. Well, okay, not in the car, but you know what I mean. We fought in that car, and made up in that car, and held hands in that car. It’s just a car, but it was with us longer than our kids! In fact, just a few month longer than the ages of our kids combined.
But for everything there is a season and it was time for the BMW to go. She is starting to break and has high mileage and is getting grey behind the ears.
So we traded her in for a younger model – terrible, I know. But we are excited to make memories in Henry’s new car (new to us anyway). A Volvo S80.
She’s pretty if I do say so myself.

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  • johanna / May 25, 2010 / Reply

    Nice car. Congrats. May the bmw rest in peace.

  • Love Being a Nonny / May 25, 2010 / Reply

    Funny how it DOES feel like you are losing a friend when you get rid of a car. Love the new one though!!

  • Jennifer / May 25, 2010 / Reply

    Have fun making memories…..

  • Sarah Joy / May 25, 2010 / Reply

    It is amazing how we attach to our cars. Warren used to really attach to his until he started working for CarMax and now we have different cars all the time, no time to attach. The hardest car we have ever had to turn over to Carmax was Warren’s Moms Mustang after she suddenly passed away. We drove it for 6 months before turning it in. I cried!It was so his Mom and had such good memories!

  • Molly / May 25, 2010 / Reply

    I gotta say, I grew up in volvos and I adore them! I drive a station wagon. and I have no kids. lol

  • Tracey / May 31, 2010 / Reply

    Oh how I love a Volvo! I am so sad to be letting go of my beloved 1998 Volvo wagon, but we can’t fit 3 car seats in her 🙁

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