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November 18, 2014/God

Ever wonder what God’s will is?

These words written by Amanda Williams pierced my heart yesterday.

“Sisters, our circumstances are big, but our God is bigger. As we learn to trust the bigness of our God and the sureness of His sovereignty, we find His will is not as much a path as it is a way of walking. Paul says as much in his letter to the church at Thessalonica, when He reduces all our agonizing life questions to a non-formula so simple it makes the perfectionists among us a little crazy:

Rejoice always.
Pray without ceasing.
Give thanks in all circumstances.
THIS is God’s will for us in Christ Jesus.
(1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)

No hoops to jump through.
No tests to pass.
No situational tidiness required.
Only actively resting in the goodness of our God.

Why an active resting? Because rejoicing is not a passive pursuit. Thanksgiving is not just an emotion. We are to declare God’s goodness in every circumstance! We are to let the world know what He has done and what He is doing! We are to pray to Him, seek Him, give Him thanks with an expectant, joyful heart. This is God’s will for us in Jesus! Exclamation point!”

Check out the entire study here.

My favorite line: His will is not as much a path as it is a way of walking.

Anyone else reading with me?

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  • Courtney Smith Cassada / November 18, 2014 / Reply

    i wrote down (and underlined!) that EXACT same sentence!! 🙂

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