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October 9, 2013/Confessions

Tip of the day: Fried eggs taste like scrambled eggs the second time around. Truth.

For some reason I’m starting to get sick when I eat as well as in between. This pregnancy/hormones raging thing is strange. My stomach is getting so big it feels constricted when I sit down. I’m having a hard time figuring out what to do with my legs so let’s take a poll. I have two choices I can see, but feel free to give me suggestions if you think of them. 1) I can sit spread eagle and let the little girl hover in the middle. Very comfortable but a little embarrassing when you realize you’re doing it in public. 2) I can sit with my leg crossed over my knee like a man. Again, very comfy, but not the most lady like.

The interesting thing is people keep telling me how small my tummy is. I’m beginning to think I don’t really know what the word small means. Because I thought it meant “little or tiny.”  I’m neither of those things. I wrote in my book that by the end of my pregnancy with Ryan I felt as graceful as a walrus hefting her weight across the sand. That I would huff getting up and down off the couch. I still have 9 weeks to go and it’s been weeks, weeks I tell you since I started moaning every single time I lie down in bed. Just a little moan…. letting the air out as I try to get comfy. I might even do it when I sit down in the family room to watch tv. My kids have been known to ask if I’m alright.

I am.

And now ladies and gents, I need to attend to the little one, with his head leaning against my chest, smiling at me in the half-lit morning with a smile so wide it makes you want to laugh. This little one who is up early this morning and will most likely talk to me the entire time I take a shower, asking me to help him make Mr. Potato Head look like his Pop or read Thomas the Train for the thousandth time.

And then it’ll be time to wake the girls who are growing in maturity before my very eyes. Unloading the dishwasher and doing their homework before I could even get the groceries unloaded and put away yesterday afternoon. These girls who coo at their brother when they know I’m busy and distract him away with a book or a promise of playing trains or hide n seek.

Yes, I am okay. Because this morning in the quietness when they’re all at school, I will sit with my Bible and study the independence and wisdom of a woman named Abigail and see how her political savvy saved probably hundreds of men. How she talked a would-be king out of killing for spite because he was called by the God of the heavens to something greater.

I will know my calling as mother, a wife, and a friend.

With all the busyness of Girl Scouts and house projects and kids’ projects, I will know I’m okay. I will feel this wee little girl kick and do gymnastics inside me and know that for all the restless leg syndrome and vomiting, she was totally worth it.

What blessings will you count today and know that you are okay?



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  • Becky / October 9, 2013 / Reply

    Hope you do feel better today. I figure when you are pregnant – sit like you want:) Are you absolutely sure you only have one wee one in there? My wish for you today is that for as many stars are in the sky, you will receive that many blessings. I agree that your calling right now is wife, mother, friend, author and you probably don’t realize it but you are an encourager. I share many of your posts with my daughter in law who has 4 children – 12,11, 6 & 4 Becky

  • Linda / October 9, 2013 / Reply

    So sorry you have been feeling yucky for so long Leighann. My morning sickness used to last for about 3 months and then I would feel good the rest of the pregnancy. (Ha….I haven’t had a baby for 41 years, but I still remember!) 🙂 And yes, you are so right…the sweet babies are totally worth all of it!

    I am assuming you are wearing pants most of the time..so just sit however you want, and in the position that brings you relief honey!

    I hope these next 9 weeks will go by quickly for you, and that you will start feeling better soon and be feeling strong for the delivery of your little girl!

    Love, Linda

  • Lisa / October 9, 2013 / Reply

    Not too much longer sweetie and then you can hold your beautiful mircle in your hot little hands.
    As fir ne I am walking like the The Hunchback of Notre-Dame. Last wed I though I had just ate something and was reaping the double rewards from that. It felt like someone was using a rotorooter in my tummy.

    from 8am till 11pm I stuck it out and finally went to the ER for fluids and nasuea meds, I thought that would just be it. Since my pain was all over on my right side they took me to CT, whats funny they sent the results to be read in Michigan. I thought I heard outside my room we just need to take her IV out and send her home (thinking me) The doctor blows in and says you are being addmitted for emergency srygery. WHAT WHAT HUH…Turns out I had an incarserated HERNIA with bowel oostruction, and just to sweeten this up anymore they found gallstones that also need to come out We we say bonus 2 fer. Had an OUTSTANDING sergeon he worked on my belly brfore.
    So all in all I BETTER,PRAISE GOD, FOR HE IS ALWAYS THERE FOR ALL OUR NEEDS DOWN TO THE TINY ONES,i I should be able to finally get around in a few week2/3
    Lova ya, hug them kids, give them a little tickle from my monkeys.

  • Kelly / October 10, 2013 / Reply

    I bought this belt thing that held up my belly. It also helped my hips too! It was just this velcro band thing..Yup “Thing” is a technical & medical term HA. Also there is the option of never sitting. 😉 I mean really how many people can say there is a baby giant growing in my belly? ((HUGS)) You can do it!!

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