All is Well {post Fontan, we are home}

August 13, 2015/Family

I’m sitting in the waiting room of the orthodontist while Ainsley gets spacers put on her teeth. It’s been quite hectic the last two weeks and I apologize for not updating sooner. I’m pecking this out on my phone so thank you and thank you not so much autocorrect.

The last update, the team was pulling Ryan’s chest tube and we were hoping to be discharged within a few days. We were in fact released from the hospital on Monday, August 3 but had to stick around the DC area until Weds the 5th when docs could check Ryan’s electrolytes and chest xray.  Both were deemed healthy enough to go home to Pittsburgh, so we picked up the family from my mom’s house where we stayed the few days of limbo and drove as safely (but as quickly) as we could to the Burgh before anyone changed their mind.

Ryan continues to be monitored by his local cardiologist who said his latest X-ray looks a tad worse but is hoping an uptick in diurectics will do the trick. Please pray fluid overload, and conversely, stripped electrolytes don’t become an issue. 

Since our return, we’ve delved head first into school preparation and fitting in as much family time as possible. We’ve stuck pretty close to home as we are all a little homesick for the house and the normalcy of routine.

Every single one of my children is suffering from separation anxiety in varying degrees and I spend a portion of every day and some of every night with children literally attached to me like appendages. I’m hoping I can fill their little tanks before the school year starts in a little over a week (yikes!).

I’m holding up even though I’m tired from sleepless nights and extremely busy days that are filled with the normal school shopping, but also all the doctor appointments that come with four children with various personal needs (orthodontist for Ains, allergist for Nat, doctors and orthotic specialists for Ryan, etc, etc, etc,) Plus middle school orientation and kindergarten orientation. My morning cup of Earl Grey has been my bff. That and the occasional nap when my introvert brain is overloaded and says it’s had enough.

In many ways I’m looking forward to the crisp days of fall and the scheduling school time brings, but I can’t help but be a little behind the 8 ball mentally, feeling as if summer is still left undone with no time to finish it.

I’m reminding myself that fun isn’t reserved only for the hot, sunny days of summer and that our family will continue to have adventure no matter the date on the calendar or the length of days.

I have no pictures for you as my phone storage is full and I haven’t had time to call Apple to remove the girls’ iPads from my account. Maybe I’ll work on that next!!

Thank you for hanging in there with us. We look forward to a fall lived outside the hospital walls.

Much love.


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  • Heather from Ontario Canada / August 13, 2015 / Reply

    How wonderful to see another update!! You did really well on the tiny phone keypad. I didn’t find one spelling mistake **grin** Someday, perhaps, I’ll come over and have cup of tea with you Leighann !

  • Natasha / August 13, 2015 / Reply

    Fantastic news!!! Been thinking of you recently. With love and prayers from the UK, Natasha x

  • Gail / August 13, 2015 / Reply

    Thank you for the update! Soak up as much family time as you can before the school routines start. Praying For complete healing for Ryan and a relaxing week. Hugs from Annapolis.

  • Janna / August 14, 2015 / Reply

    So good to hear from you! Prayers for Ryan and continued healing! HE’S got this!!
    I can only imagine the adjustment it’s been for all of you. But you will work it all out. You have to and always do! 🙂
    Hang in there, Mama…you got this! Thinking of you and your family!

  • Becky / August 14, 2015 / Reply

    great update as we have all continued to pray for all of you as I know your days have been busy and we are thankful to hear that you are all home.
    Hang tight – you’ve got this covered. I love your comment about fun doesn’t have to be in the hot sun! You understand and appreciate all that life is about. Becky

  • Linda Hogeland / August 14, 2015 / Reply

    I typed a comment and then lost it somehow!!! So I will just say…I am so glad you are home! I know your family is so glad to be back together. Now hopefully a regular routine can start to happen! I praise God for all of the miracles, and for Ryan’s continued healing. He sure gave you great grace to handle all of those days and weeks in the hospital with Ryan…and he is a little trooper!
    Love to all of you Leighann…and continued prayers of course!

    Linda and John Hogeland

  • jacki / August 20, 2015 / Reply

    Home sweet home and praise the Lord!

  • Martha / August 26, 2015 / Reply

    So glad to read this update – hope everyone is settled into the regular routines of school and homework. I’ve been away for a while and trying to catch up with everything, but have kept Ryan and all your family in my prayers. Take care of yourself! In God’s love, M.

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