{Video Series} What I did before kids/Why life coaching?

March 23, 2016/Coaching

Hey guys – in today’s video I talk a little more about what I did before I had kids and what drew me to life coaching…. take a peek, then comment below and let me know something about what you do/did, and what drew you to that profession.

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  • SHERRIE / March 23, 2016 / Reply

    Hi Leighann! Great video – it’s nice to know more about the person behind the blog! 🙂

    For 10+ years, I was in retail store management and then decided I wanted a change and to get out of dealing directly with the public quite as much so I started working for a company that owns 11 shortline railroads as a railroad agent. I now work in the sales department of that same railroad company and am the customer service representative for all 11 railroads and also still a railroad agent as well and I love it. I’m very analytical, so they have also tasked me with handling weekly and monthly financial reporting as well as annual budgets for our multi-million dollar company.

    We adopted our daughter about 10 years ago and this job is a perfect fit for me, as I’m able to work my schedule while she’s in school and can even work from home if she’s home from school sick, etc. The only regret I have is not being able to stay at home with her from birth to kindergarten, but household finances didn’t permit that at the time.

    Love your videos! Keep them coming! Have a blessed day!

    • (Author) Leighann / April 12, 2016 / Reply

      Sherri – It’s fascinating to me all the jobs that are out there. Thanks for sharing!

  • Linda Hogeland / March 23, 2016 / Reply

    Leighann, I loved this! I feel like I know you so much better now after playing the video! I always felt that you were smart and capable…but now I’m even more impressed by all of your abilites!
    ? The Lord has blessed you, and given you many gifts…and you have been hard at work, implementing all that you have learned over the years.

    People need help from time to time, and I can see how God can use you in a big way to come alongside someone who is struggling with issues in their lives.

    Yes, you are educated and have years of experience as an executive assistant…but add to that the many trials you have faced…and that makes you a life coach who can also be compassionate, understanding and kind! How awesome is that! ?
    Love, and best wishes for success in your new adventure!

    Linda Hogeland

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