Have you ever had one of those days that everything went right?  Well, that was Friday for me. My mom called in the morning to say she was coming to visit us at the hospital. Yeah! We love seeing grandma. 🙂

I also knew Ryan’s cardiologist planned on talking with us. She came in a little after we got there and got straight to business. Ryan is stable.  Because of this, all three surgeons (cardiac, plastic, and general) agree surgery should wait until he is older.  The plan is to do a heart catheritization at four months to see the growth of his pulmonary arteries. If they are proper size, the Glenn surgery will be scheduled for six months.  Six weeks before the Glenn, Ryan will go in to have his omphalocele put back in and skin spacers placed in his chest. Over those six weeks they will stretch his skin. Then, during the Glenn, they will put his heart in his chest. 
So, nothing heart-wise will happen until June. And because Ryan’s heart is stable, HE CAN COME HOME!!  When is the bigger question. The CICU docs are currently weaning him off his narcotics and supplemental oxygen. The weaning schedule is dependent on Ryan and his little body’s response. His oxygen saturation has also been unstable the last few days. This could be a reaction to the weaning schedule, but that needs to stabilize before he is released. There is rumor he will be home before the end of the month. We are ecstatic. This is a much shorter stay than the six months to a year they predicted. At the end of our conversation, the cardiologist turned to the social worker and said, “this little guy surprised us all.” Then she turned to Ryan and said, “Not really. I knew you could do it the whole time.” Smile.
So, now we need to think in terms of boy clothes and car seats.  Ryan lives in perpetual nakedness so his homecoming means one thing for me – shopping!!  I’m looking forward to shopping for boy clothes since pink has been the dominant color in our household thus far.
As if the day wasn’t good already, Henry came home with spaghetti from his boss. And this wasn’t just any spaghetti. It was homemade sauce and meatballs and it was incredible! We followed it up with a piece (or several) of delicious cake from the surprise baby shower they gave Henry at work that day. We went to bed Friday night fat and happy.

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  • Julie / April 5, 2009 / Reply

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  • Julie / April 5, 2009 / Reply

    We are thrilled that Ryan may be home by the end of the month! Hopefully his O2 sats will stabilize soon. Still praying…
    -Brent and Julie

  • Maggie / April 5, 2009 / Reply

    This is fabulous news! Hooray for boy clothes shopping! What size would Ryan wear?

  • Misty Rice-Baniewicz / April 5, 2009 / Reply

    Awe…. this gave me chills and tears. So, so, so happy.

  • Judy / April 5, 2009 / Reply

    Wow, sounds like lots of good news. We will definitely continue praying for Ryan and for your family as all of you prepare to bring Ryan home. Ryan is certainly defying the odds and we pray that God will continue to be glorified through your little boys life!!

  • Lynnette Kraft / April 5, 2009 / Reply

    That IS wonderful news! I’m so glad that Friday was such a great day and that you got such great reports.

    Home will feel so good. I’ll be praying that Ryan continues to do well and that you can go home soon.

    Praising God with you!
    Dancing Barefoot on Weathered Ground

  • Courtney / April 5, 2009 / Reply

    so, so exciting, leighann!!! wow!!!

  • Suny / April 5, 2009 / Reply

    Oh WHAT wonderful news!!!!!! I’m praying for a prompt arrival home! I’m SO excited for you and Henry and Baby Ryan!

  • amanda luhn / April 5, 2009 / Reply

    Yeah! I’m so happy for you and the family! How exciting. You definately deserve some good news.

  • kim / April 5, 2009 / Reply

    Congrats on the wonderful news!!! Keeping our fingers crossed for you…

  • neverdullwithkids / April 6, 2009 / Reply

    This is fabulous! But I am not surprised. We serve a pretty awesome God:)

  • Trennia / April 6, 2009 / Reply

    Wow that is amazing! Praying for the LORD to continue to heal and bless…

  • johanna / April 6, 2009 / Reply

    PRAISE THE LORD! Can’t wait to visit Ryan at his house!! I might have 3-6 month boy clothes if you would want to do some “shopping” at my house. I will give you family special — FREE! I love to read all the good news. Ryan is definitely our family miracle.

  • Julie / April 6, 2009 / Reply

    praise God!!! Wow, that is so exciting. I know what it feels like to come home from the hospital… so I am praying for smooth transitions and fun family times together!!!
    hugs from afar!!! We have and will continue praying for you guys!

  • Anonymous / April 6, 2009 / Reply

    We are so happy for you guys. What great news! I wish I could join you to do some boy clothes shopping :-).
    Love from all of us, Hans & Evelien

  • Vera / April 6, 2009 / Reply

    Still praying for Ryan and all of you – YAHOOOOO for coming home!! That is FABULOUS news!! My daughter has had tissue expanders twice (for 3-4 months each) so if you ever have any questions about that (of course I know you have much bigger issues you’re dealing with!) please let me know.

  • Sarah Joy / April 6, 2009 / Reply

    What great news.. and after your long Wednesday you had such a great Friday! What a huge blessing to hear that your little boy will soon join you at home! I can only to begin to imagine your excitement!
    Still praying adn can’t wait to hear more good things.
    Love, Sarah

  • Dana / April 6, 2009 / Reply

    What fantastic news!!!!! Praise GOD!!!!!

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