If you had told me five years ago…

February 19, 2014/Family

Five years ago today…


For the first two years, I didn’t even think of Ryan turning 5. Couldn’t even consider it. And today…

He’s all boy. He loves cars, trains, and planes.


He tackles me when I’m trying to dress him, or when he wants a hug.


He talks about superheroes, even though I never have.


He says things like, “Score” and “HYah!” And blows kisses.


He throws things… ALL. THE. TIME.


His favorite movies/shows are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Sofia the First, Disney Cars, and Toy Story.  He loves the Pittsburgh Pirates.

He’s so excited about today. He cried himself to sleep last night. I tried to soothe him and finally his daddy cuddled up with him and helped him fall asleep. “I so e-cited about my birfday. I wish it was today.”  That’s why he was crying. He knew I was making cupcakes (you’ll be so proud of me for putting back the Disney Car cake mold) with chocolate icing.

Today I will go to his class to read a book and celebrate his birthday. Last Friday I stood in the doorway for just a minute to watch my big boy after I dropped him off. He absent-mindedly watched the rest of the class getting ready for the Valentine’s Day party while he pulled up his sleeves. He stepped over to the soap dispenser hanging on the wall and pushed the handle twice, getting a good amount of foam soap in his little palm. As he rubbed his hands together then rinsed them in the preschool-size sink I started crying. I don’t even know why. I slipped out the school door hoping no one would see the tears I was wiping from my cheeks. This boy whose bed I sat next to for eight months in the hospital and so many more nights at home is living a normal life. He’s going to preschool and washing his own hands for Pete’s sake. He can go potty by himself and, when in the right mood, dress himself. These are things I take for granted with the girls. There is nothing I take for granted with him. Nothing.

Happy Birthday, Little King. Mommy, daddy and “the sisters” love you very much.

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  • Lisa / February 19, 2014 / Reply

    Happy Birthday Brave Heart!

  • Martha / February 19, 2014 / Reply

    Happy birthday Ryan – May God continue to bless you.

  • jerseygirl / February 19, 2014 / Reply

    Your post was very touching and brought a tear to my eye. Happy 5th Birthday to your Little Man!

  • Janna / February 19, 2014 / Reply

    I LOVE this post!! What a miracle Ryan is. So glad that I got to witness it! Happy Birthday big boy!!

  • Courtney / February 19, 2014 / Reply

    Happiest birthday to such an amazing and inspirational little boy!!!

  • sharon / February 19, 2014 / Reply

    Happy Birthday! Hugs and kisses..miss you!

  • Lisa McGriff / February 19, 2014 / Reply

    Happy Happy Happy Birthday to the happiest little boy in the world!!

  • Tiffany warrenfeltz / February 19, 2014 / Reply

    Ryan, happy 5th birthday dear nephew I love u very much!

  • ana white / February 19, 2014 / Reply

    happy birthday ryan.

  • Suzy Ziller / February 19, 2014 / Reply

    And the miracles just keep on coming! Happy Birthday Ryan! We are all celebrating with you!

  • Dana / February 19, 2014 / Reply

    Happy Birthday Ryan!!! You are a true miracle and you (and your awesome mama, daddy, and sisters) continue to inspire us!!!! We hope you had a wonderful day!

  • Linda / February 19, 2014 / Reply

    Oh I know….this little miracle boy touches our hearts in so many ways! As his mommy I think you are entitled to those happy tears on his 5th birthday! Happy 5th Birthday to Ryan! Love, Momma Linda

  • Gail / February 19, 2014 / Reply

    Happy 5th birthday, Ryan! You are truly a blessing to your mom, dad and sisters! Can’t wait to see the plans The Lord has for you!
    Annapolis, MD

  • Chad / February 19, 2014 / Reply

    Happy birthday Ryan. You guys continue to have an awesome testimony and I am glad we have been able to share a little bit of that with you. FYI, Savannah has been begging us to see the girls. Maybe we can FaceTime soon.

  • Maggie / February 19, 2014 / Reply

    Happy Birthday, Ryan! What a blessing it is to have such an evident miracle walking among us.

  • Kristen Campbell / February 20, 2014 / Reply

    I haven’t checked in a few years, but I had to check for Ryan’s birthday and tell him I love his story and him as he is. You are a miracle.

  • Wendy / February 20, 2014 / Reply

    Happy Birthday to that cute little guy! His smile is so infectious and adorable. My daughter turned 18 yesterday. How time flies. I thought back to when I first started reading your blog….I think Ryan was only 3 or so months old. Did you ever finish that chain for him that represented all his days in hospital, procedures, surgeries, etc…?

  • Melissa Eisenreich / February 20, 2014 / Reply

    Happy Birfday Ryan!!!!! You light up the world;). And Happy Birthday Mom and Dad! I always think birthdays are really special days for the parents too! You are one amazing Momma!!!

  • Richelle / February 21, 2014 / Reply

    Wow! Seriously?! Five years old?? Such a beautiful soul! Happy birthday, Sweet Boy! So glad you can bring your mama tears of JOY!! <3

  • Lizz / February 24, 2014 / Reply

    I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t been checking the blog world! I missed Ryan’s birthday!? Wow. Well please tell him HAPPY BIRTHDAY for me anyway. He won’t know who I am but it’s never a bad idea to get a little extra birthday love right? 🙂

  • Courtney / February 24, 2014 / Reply

    oh my goodness. what a precious post. for a precious boy. i love you!

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