Pride comes before the stomach bug.

April 11, 2014/Confessions of a SAHM

Piper had her 4 month check up yesterday. I told the doctor that other than a cold here or there my kids rarely get sick. Henry had a stomach bug a few weeks back and no one else seemed to get it, even though he purposefully shared his germs with me (granted he had no idea he was sick at the time). Speaking of that… last night he wanted to put our salsa in separate bowls so he didn’t get my germs…. this is the man who USES MY TOOTHBRUSH without a second thought and to my chagrin, but somehow last night didn’t want to share bowls in case I double-dipped. This is only one example of how I truly don’t understand this man! But back to the subject at hand….

Where was I? Oh yeah, I was telling the doctor how healthy we all are. And somehow deep inside I was proud of this as if I have anything to do with their little immune systems.

So at 4 o’clock when a very happy little boy started puking his pizza all over the dining room floor, splashing my slippers and the two area rugs at the same time, I couldn’t believe it. Hadn’t I just bragged to the doctor that Henry had a stomach bug and NO ONE else got it. A 2-week delay?

Natalie rushed Ryan’s play mate home (I later called his grandmother to apologize) and I spent the next three hours getting Ryan to a trashcan or the toilet every 15 minutes. Sometimes with an infant stuck to my boob and sometimes in the middle of making dinner.

Two syllables that will change your life:  ZO-FRAN.   Zofran is the anti-nausea medicine that cancer patients and morning-sick mothers take. Our doctor had just told me that afternoon that they’re now prescribing it to kids when they have a stomach virus. It limits the vomiting and helps them keep liquids down. So when I called afterhours saying I needed something STAT she called in a prescription for our little boy blue. Henry picked it up for us on the way home (along with apple juice, gatorade and saltines).  Ryan didn’t really throw up after that. He had a few waves of nausea, but I was up with him more in the night to go pee than anything.

This morning I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. I’m going off-list today so be scared… very scared people. I canceled my morning plans so have a whole 3 hours I didn’t know I was going to get. I’m starting by cleaning the first floor while my son watches Disney Junior all morning. This is going to defeat the purpose of limiting his screen time for the last 2 weeks in an effort to feel like a better mom, but he’s recovering and needs rest.

Who knows what will happen after that…. heck, who am I kidding? That will probably take me the full 3 hours!  Have a great weekend, folks…. I’m hoping to keep the rest of the hobbits and myself healthy! I’ve got Girl Scouts to lead on Monday….


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  • Dottie / April 11, 2014 / Reply

    aww and didn’t you say piper threw up earlier this week? or was that just spit up? Sorry! Hope everyone feels better!

    • (Author) Leighann / April 11, 2014 / Reply

      She was sick on Tuesday. 🙁 But wasn’t as bad as Ryan. Just waiting to see if the girls get it too.

  • Tiffany warrenfeltz / April 11, 2014 / Reply

    Praying that Ryan feels better n that the girls n you don’t get it.

  • Debbie / April 11, 2014 / Reply

    I hope no one else gets sick, and that Ryan feels better soon. My son (with heart defect) has had zofran after going to the hospital twice for dehydration after stomach bugs that he just couldn’t shake. It works wonders so that they can rest and get rehydrated! How wonderful you can get it at home.
    God bless you!

  • Marmi / April 12, 2014 / Reply

    Poor Ryan! Having sick ones is difficult. ❤️ you all

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