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For Christmas I gave Henry coupons worth seven hours of 30-minute massages from me (and he handed me a trip to a country I’ve always wanted to visit – yes, I felt knee-high to a grasshopper, but not so small I couldn’t be excited for myself). So far, he’s used two. On both occasions, I started the massage on his shoulders and back. I rubbed and rubbed and rubbed. Then I looked at the clock. Sixty seconds had gone by. Sixty seconds. Who came up with the idea for thirty minutes? I seriously didn’t realize just how long thirty minutes actually is. I have learned my lesson. Next time there will be 30 coupons for sixty-second massages.
The girls did not have school this week. I started going insane on Tuesday. If Natalie asks me how to spell another word I think I’m going to cry. I lost count of how many cards she wrote this week and they all say the same thing: “Dear so-and-so, I love you. You are my best friend. I hope you enjoy the snow. Love, Natalie” Oh the one to Sam, her (boy)friend at school, did have an additional phrase – “The first day I came to school I didn’t know you, but now I do.” And the one to Conor said, “I want you to come over to my house.” But other than that, everyone got a form letter. Sorry.
This is Ainsley’s new look. We have two tap shoes, but I don’t know where the other one is. She spent the last week walking around the house with only one of them. It makes for a very interesting sound when she walks (tap,tap… clunk, tap, tap….clunk). I asked her where she heard of tap dancing. She told me it was when we went to the place and saw the big pumpkin and the band and the ladies dancing. I can’t believe she remembers that…. it shows how impressionable young children are.
Note to self: When there is 32″ of snow on the ground already it is hard to see how much more snow is accumulating just by looking out the window.
The much requested cabbage, potato bake adapted from Emeril Lagasse:
Preheat oven to 375 degree F
Wedge a head of cabbage, remove core
Quarter a potato per person in your family
Crumble 12-16 ounces of cooked bacon
Put these all nicely together in a baking dish
Pour a cup or cup and a half or can of chicken broth into the pan
Salt and pepper to taste
Cover with foil
Bake for one and one half hours; the more tender the cabbage is the better.
Group shot:
Group shot, the outtake:
My youngest sister is at THE GAMES. You know, the games that happen every two years and are synonymous with five multi-colored interlocking rings and alternate between summer and winter. This year they are in Vancouver. She is a media major and her school is contracted to help with broadcast production. She is not allowed to publish her event (I know the secret ha-ha-ha-ha-ha), but for certain events she will be checking press credentials, flagging down athletes for interviews, and telling the athletes where to stand. I cannot believe how excited I am for her to be involved in such an awesome production. I’m sure it doesn’t even come close to how excited she is to be doing it. She is going to kill me, but you can check out her blog here to see how her trip is going….. the games start today.
What was the most exciting thing to happen to you this week?

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  • Lisa / February 12, 2010 / Reply

    HA HA, I now know why I only get 60 second massages LOL. Savannah pointed out that Ainsley has her shoe (not the tap shoe), so thats where her lost shoe is. Humm, good try honey now please go and find your other shoe, we need to leave soon.
    I am going to try the Cabbage and taters it looks and sounds wonderful.
    I found a fun recipe for an easy desert called “White Trash” the kids love to help make it,if you would like I can share it with you.
    I think its FANTASTIC your sister gets to help with the winter games that is so exciting!

  • Linda / February 12, 2010 / Reply

    Leighann, the Cabbage, Potato Bake looks so yummy. I have never used much cabbage when I cook..cuz my hubby doesn’t really like it…but I love it. I may just have to try something like this and see if I can change his mind.

    I love seeing Ryan there at home with his sisters playing with him. I know he must love being home with all of you.

    That is so much snow! I keep hearing about it on the news. I am glad you are all managing.

    The massage coupons were a good idea…but yes…it would be really a lot of work to do one for 30 minutes! Ha! Maybe 10 minutes would have been better.

    Hey, that is cool that your sister is getting that opportunity! It will be an adventure!

    Have a good day…and may God watch over you all everyday!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  • Anonymous / February 12, 2010 / Reply

    My name is Holly and I check your blog every week. When I saw that your sister is at the winter games I quickly clicked over to her blog-just as I suspected-she’s at the college I graduated from! My husband and I met there in 1991 and got married in 1993. Asbury is awesome! My daughter (now 8) used to wear tap shoes around the house too. It is so good to see Ryan home with his sisters. Thanks for allowing us to follow your journey! Holly bhc-law(at)juno(dot)com

  • Maggie / February 12, 2010 / Reply

    The most exciting thing? Seeing the space shuttle Endeavour launch from 3.5 miles away. That… was insanely cool.

  • kim / February 12, 2010 / Reply

    that cabbage and potato recipe looks so easy. wow. even i could do that!

  • Anonymous / February 12, 2010 / Reply

    I’m a 5th grade PE teacher. Here is my most intersting moment for the week…..

    Mrs. A, Are you pregnant?


    See, I told you she wasn’t.

    I’m just fat.

    Sidenote to students…..I have no uterus and my husband is sterile. Don’t think I’m pregnant.

    Thanks for letting me share. Love your blog. You are a gifted writer.

  • Kristie / February 12, 2010 / Reply

    We have had 4 inches of snow in Alabama………..It has been since 1993 since they have had any significant snow fall here!

    We actually got to make a snowman!

    I know for those who see snow all the time this is no big deal but it is for us here!

  • Rae / February 12, 2010 / Reply

    I am so with you on the 60 second massages. My husband is great at massaging my shoulders, so I occasionally try to return the favor. But it never works for more than a few minutes before I realize that my hands just are not strong enough to really make a difference.

    And that is such a great description of “tap, tap… clunk” etc. I felt like I could hear it myself.

  • Michelle / February 12, 2010 / Reply

    cute pictures of the kids! love the group shot! 🙂
    the most exciting thing I did this week, haha, never do it again but I felt life isn’t an adventure if you don’t take risks like walking to work in 42″ of snow! On Wednesday morning after the 2nd blizzard a bunch of people called out or called in late and I had no car to get to work and my phone wasn’t working to call work to ask them to come pick me up so I had no choice but to take an adventurous walk in the snow. I’m 4 foot, so the snow nearly came up to my hips. Best thing I did in my entire life though it was a bit scary because I got stuck at one point but I was determined with the strength of Christ that I would make it to work. End result: I made it just in time! Took me exactly 1 hr when it would just normally take 15 minutes minus the snow, call me crazy or a dedicated employee but it was fun! 🙂 I’m excited to watch THE GAMES tonight! 🙂

  • K-tribe / February 12, 2010 / Reply

    I took my little girls and husband in to the Dr’s and they all were nice and quiet and listened to the new babies heartbeat!
    How awesome The Olympics for the little sister!
    I hope she networks a ton! My cousin worked as an intern for the White House and made great contacts. It helped her get into a great Grad School!

    PS- I think I saw a little snow melt! That was a little exciting. 🙂

  • BriAnna / February 13, 2010 / Reply

    Oh my gosh Ryan is getting so big! We got 8 inches of snow here and have cabin fever, I can’t imagine how you all feel. (I can…been there done that, but not since the kids) We have actually been pretty lucky and most of the storms have just missed us.
    Oh, and my 4 year old remembers EVERYTHING! Some days it is awesome, some days its a curse!

  • Dot / February 15, 2010 / Reply

    Ainsley is so cute with her 2 different shoes.

    That cabbage potato stuff is soo good. I remember having it at your house.

    Your kids are cute.

    I can’t believe you are getting so much snow.

    THE GAMES are going well. I’m just excited to be here 😉 thanks for the shout out.

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