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First and foremost, just a bone to pick with all those commenting as anonymous. Anonymous means I don’t know who you are. And, that’s fine if you are commenting on one of my ‘submission‘ posts and don’t want me to know who it is disagreeing. Otherwise, don’t forget to sign your name when you post as a guest. OR, you could create an online identity by creating a user name and password. That’s all the info you have to give, nothing more, nothing less. So get cracking!
There’s been a lot of school talk around our house this week. Natalie officially started on Weds. (although we went to an opening assembly on Tues.). Her first day was not how I expected it to be… she wouldn’t get out of the car and refused to walk into the school until another little girl walked in with her. I felt terrible, but knew she would be fine once she got in the class. 
Sure enough, when I arrived to pick her up, she didn’t want to get in the car. “I don’t want to leave, mommy. I like it here.” she said. 
Being the nice, compassionate, loving mother I am I said, “See, it was fun, wasn’t it? Now that you know that, you aren’t going to cry when I drop you off tomorrow, right?”
“I don’t go to school tomorrow, mommy.” she said matter-of-factly. 
Good point, dear child. I tried again. “So, you’re not going to cry on Friday, right?”
“Right.” she said. 
Tonight I went to parents’ night at Ainsley’s preschool in preparation for school starting next week. I found out her teacher – the one Natalie had at this age – broke her ankle last weekend and will be out the first week or two of school. Not good (for us or the teacher). 
Ainsley is a little shy about new environments and I was counting on the fact that she already knows and loves this teacher to ease into being away from mom three mornings a week. Now I’m nervous she will have issues. I’ll keep you posted. 
This video is of Ainsley. I need to warn you… I didn’t realize my camera was turned sideways so you’ll have to twist your head to see it correctly, but it’s a great example of her volume level. And, it lets you know why the nurses from one side of the building to the other know when my girls are with me. Oh, and btw, she is playing with the ties coming down from Ryan’s wrist restraints. That tidbit cracks me up for some reason. 
I desperately need to stop snacking and start exercising. I am terrible without some sort of accountability or competition so you guys either need to start talking trash or start asking me if I’m exercising. Seriously. If I know I have to admit to several hundred people that instead of working out I am instead sitting on my couch eating homemade bread slathered with butter and honey, I’ll probably exercise…and then sit on my couch eating bread and honey. I mean honestly, I had me at honey. 
I received this picture from a friend (and blog reader) in light of my post earlier this week. For those who are new, Ryan means ‘little king’ and is a nickname for our son who shares a name with a historical king. 
I filled up with gas near the house the other day before heading to the hospital. I figured it would be less expensive than in the city. I just didn’t realize how much less expensive. I filled up for $2.55 / gallon out here, then saw the gas station near the hospital is selling gas for $2.65 / gallon. (this was for regular unleaded)
So the question this week is: What are you paying for gas? (list your city and state so we can see where it is more/less expensive too!)

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  • rapunzel / September 11, 2009 / Reply

    $2.54 in Port Carbon, PA.

  • The Greene's / September 11, 2009 / Reply

    $2.39 in suburban Minneapolis.

  • Jennifer / September 11, 2009 / Reply

    Ainsley’s video…too cute!! As for gas, its $2.44 out in PW County.

  • Anonymous / September 11, 2009 / Reply

    $2.55 here in Hagerstown
    BTW get your fat butt off the couch and stop eating that bread:) How is that for trash talk? HEHEHE
    Love the sign pic

  • Anonymous / September 11, 2009 / Reply

    totally kidding BTW
    thanks for the gluten-free stuff

  • Gieta / September 11, 2009 / Reply

    Denton Maryland
    Eastern Shore

  • Sarah / September 11, 2009 / Reply

    Ainsley is ADORABLE! I have no idea what she was singing, but she was S.I.N.G.I.N.G. it! Gorgeous little girl 🙂

    Here in Humble, TX I paid $2.26 today. Supposedly we do have some of the cheapest gas in the country…

    As for snacking/not exercising…I feel you with that one. I don’t have NEARLY as much going on in my life as you do in yours, but I just joined Weight Watchers today so I have some accountability! It’s crazy how fast the snacking can catch up to you…good luck squeezing exercise back into your crazy schedule!!

  • Kelly / September 11, 2009 / Reply

    $2.999 in Seattle. I’d love to pay $2.65!

  • Anonymous / September 11, 2009 / Reply

    Gosh, why is it so much more expensive here in the Pacific Northwest? I’m in a small town in the Willamette Valley in Oregon and I paid $2.73 last night!


  • chinamoon1420 / September 11, 2009 / Reply

    2.25 here in Chattanooga TN
    Love the pics of the babies!

  • Lynda / September 11, 2009 / Reply

    First time commenting here, but I have been reading for a while now. I live in a smallish city called Benoni in Gauteng, South Africa. The cost of our petrol (reg unleaded) is R8.05 per litre which if you convert to dollars is just over 1 dollar (exchange rate is just under R8/dollar. Here in South Africa we have regulated prices – meaning that all petrol stations are forced to sell petrol at the same price, which I suppose is both good and bad. The only difference is that on the coast the petrol price is slightly lower than inland, but only slightly!! With love Lynda

  • Sara / September 11, 2009 / Reply

    Here in Western Michigan gas is around 2.55 however, I filled up 2 days ago for 2.36 a gallon. I wish it would just get lower and stay lower.

  • Tracey / September 11, 2009 / Reply

    I have no idea what gas costs, I gave up looking at the prices when it got so high last year. I just pull up to Costco and fill up with my eyes closed. 🙂

    I was just reading Job and thought of you

    “He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted.” Job 5:9

    So tell that world-renowned pediatric heart surgeon I said to put that in his pipe and smoke it! (in the most loving, gentle, godly voice, of course 🙂

    {{{HUGS TO YOU}} Tracey

  • JoDee / September 11, 2009 / Reply

    $2.54 in Sparta Mi. A few days ago it was $2.36

  • Elisa / September 11, 2009 / Reply

    I never pay attention to gas prices . . . drives my husband crazy 🙂 But since I’m in Baltimore, I’m guessing its not too different from you.

    Isn’t being a mommy to three exercise enough? Ok, ok, I know I am not helping here! I’m sure the girls would love to exercise with you though – Mia loves it when we “dance” (I work out, she either tries to mimic me or acts as an 25lb weight, haha).

  • Anonymous / September 11, 2009 / Reply

    $2.31 in Forest Park, GA.

  • Sara / September 11, 2009 / Reply

    $2.37 at Costco in Winchester, VA….at least it was yesterday afternoon when I filled up.

    Aron was loving Ainsley’s video!

  • johanna / September 11, 2009 / Reply

    gas is 2.55, I think. I only put about 20 bucks in at a time because it is too painful to fill up all at once. I know, I know, I spend the same over the week because of continuous filling. But it hurts less when I only spend a little at a time.
    Ainsley is too cute. Could you translate for us?? Good thing for Ryan’s sake, he was sedated. lol

  • Emma and Company / September 11, 2009 / Reply

    $2.45 in Indianapolis, IN. BTW-your bread sounds delicious!!! 🙂

  • Jodie Crooks / September 11, 2009 / Reply

    Gas is 2.65 a gallon in Jonesville, LA, or was the last time I looked. I am like another person on this comment board, I close my eyes and fill up. Maybe I should move to Humble, TX.
    Tracey, I loved your comment!! Sometimes we just have to burst the bubble that is our doctor’s head. They start thinking they are God and need to be reminded they are just his tool.
    Ainsley is adorable. She reminds me of my five year old, singing at the top of her lungs. I guess Ryan is still doped up or maybe her voice is soothing to him because he seemed to snooze right through that.
    Still remembering you all in prayer.

  • babyyahyah / September 11, 2009 / Reply

    around 2.50 in western PA.

  • Anonymous / September 11, 2009 / Reply

    Cute video! I paid 2.22 this morning in North Texas.


  • Anonymous / September 11, 2009 / Reply

    2.59 in Emlenton, PA
    for some reason. It seems to only allow me to post as anonymous, even though I have an user name and such.

  • surprisetriplets / September 11, 2009 / Reply

    Love the video! My 8-year-old talked so loud when she was Ainsley’s age that I had her hearing tested. Turns out there was nothing wrong – she just wanted to be heard over her brother and sister! Oh, and she’s still the loudest…

    I need to get up off my couch and exercise too, but it’s difficult to make the time. I’ll do it if you do it….

    I filled our car up last night for $3.07 a gallon north of Seattle, WA.


  • Lizz / September 11, 2009 / Reply

    $2.39 New Braunfels,Texas! Ainsley’s video is so cute! Reminds me of my son! He is so loud! He gets it from me though so I really can’t complain! 🙂

  • Lis / September 11, 2009 / Reply

    Good Morning! Don’t know you well enough yet to say “GET UP AND EXCERCISE” butttttttttt,,, I got up at 4:25 this morning and went to the gym and did a hour of cardio, then back home got ready for work and met my daughter at Chick-fil-a for breakfast and got to work before 8:00… So get up and get going!! Gas is $2.22 in Dothan, Alabama this morning! Love to you and your family!

  • K-tribe / September 11, 2009 / Reply

    OOO I will take that challenge of working out! Ahh yeah its on now girl! Although the 100 mile challenge with my husband feels like its been going on forever maybe this will help me step it up.. Fat secrets.com is really neat this might be good for you. Just type in what food you are eating and it will tell you how long you will need to work out to lose those calories. I know its stopped me when I have typed in what I have eaten at McD’s. As for gas It was $2.59 at the BP in Falling Waters, WV the other day..

  • RamblingMommy / September 11, 2009 / Reply

    I don’t look at gas prices either. I have to fill up anyway and it just annoys me to see how high its gotten!
    I actually just had my 3 year olds hearing checked cause she is always so loud and she doesn’t listen. Turns out she’s just loud and selective! I hope you are all doing well. You are always in our prayers!

  • whittybrooke / September 11, 2009 / Reply

    Bought some gas for $2.29 last night right outside of Huntsville, AL. Loved the seven quick takes…again. Think I might join in if I can think of seven things to post about! I especially loved the picture of the church sign…that was so awesome! Hope you have a great weekend.
    Oh, and since you live somewhat ‘up North’ can you give me any good recommendations on a winter vacation spot with snow? We wanta go somewhere around Christmas that we can just go out and sled, build snowmen, go on a sleigh ride, etc. since the kids have never really got to play in it. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

  • Christine R. / September 11, 2009 / Reply

    I HAVE YOU ALL BEAT!!! I’m in Eagle River, Alaska… and it’s currently…. ready for this…. 3.31…. yup… almost a whoel dollar more than some of you all…
    :0) and i drive a dodge truck to top it all off 🙂

  • Dot / September 11, 2009 / Reply

    I went running this morning and saw the cutest little raccoon in a storm drain peering out at me… so you never know what little surprises will happen when you exercise lol
    but if you’re serious about exercising you and Katie (or another lovely sister of yours) should do that thing were you HAVE to exercise so many times a week and if not then you have to do something for the other person….I just remember that working for you guys.
    I love you.

  • Anonymous / September 11, 2009 / Reply

    $3.21 Anchorage, Alaska – Yikes!!
    We are praying for you up North!

  • Cindy / September 11, 2009 / Reply

    2.19 South Carolina

  • Miriam / September 11, 2009 / Reply

    $2.75- Chicago, IL

  • Kim / September 11, 2009 / Reply

    $2.75 Upstate New York.

    Love the video! So Adorable!!!

  • amy / September 12, 2009 / Reply

    $2.45 in St. Augsutine, Fl.

  • Anonymous / September 12, 2009 / Reply

    I paid $2.37 today at Sam’s Club in Annapolis, MD.

    Annapolis, MD

  • Amanda Luhn / September 12, 2009 / Reply

    Okay, any idea what Ainsley is saying? Very cute:) I am trying to get myself updated on my profile, we’ll see if it works. How do you feel with both girls gone? The first day Christian and Hannah were both at school I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, so I went to Panera:) Why does eating have to make us feel better? LOL

  • OSU 98 / September 12, 2009 / Reply

    Hi Leighann,

    I am new reader to your blog. I came across it on CNN.com – it was in a comment on a story about a baby born in India with a condition similar to Ryan’s. Your strength and determination is inspriring – I have laughed and cried over the past few weeks as I have read of your journey.

    I am a 30 something single female in Columbus, Ohio – lots of my friends have children, so I get my fix through them and then hand their kids back to them at night! I do have one friend who is dealing with a very sick infant – she was born with an incurable liver defect and has spent much of her 6 mos on this earth in the hospital. Your Ryan is about 4 weeks older than she is. My friends were unaware of Gabby’s condition during the pregnancy, and the diagnosis of biliary atresia came when Gabby was about 8 weeks old. As of now, she is out of the hospital and doing well. I continue to keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

    Gas in Columbus, Ohio is about $2.40 per gallon.

    Best regards,


  • Anonymous / September 12, 2009 / Reply

    Cannot resist answering this one! $3.25 Los Angeles. Aren’t you glad you a no longer in San Francisco! Karen

  • jjthegrund / September 12, 2009 / Reply

    $2.69 in Gorham, ME

  • Selina / September 12, 2009 / Reply

    $2.84 in Spokane, WA – crazy!

  • Anonymous / September 12, 2009 / Reply

    $2.35 in Mount Olive, NC.

  • Sarah Joy / September 13, 2009 / Reply

    Okay I was in Columbia SC this morning and filled up @ 2.19 and then got home to Charlotte and it is 2.45 now we are driving up thru DC and into MD so we will see how high it gets or doesn’t.

  • Leslie Baker / September 14, 2009 / Reply

    2.99 in Placerville, CA

  • Anonymous / September 15, 2009 / Reply

    3.02 Lynden, WA

  • Crystal / September 17, 2009 / Reply

    $2.19 in Florence SC

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