Piper – Four Months!

April 7, 2014/Family

Piper turned four months on Friday. I didn’t post about it because as much as I hate to confess it, I thought her birthday was December 5. It’s December 4. Not sure how I got all this confused, but what can I say, she’s my fourth and I can only hold so many dates in my head. I really need to work on this. Just sayin’.


Let’s see, milestones this month – – about 3 weeks ago she started grabbing onto things when they came in contact with her hand. Therefore, we’ve all been cleaning clumps of hair from her fists that she’s ripped from our heads anytime we put her down. It’s a very popular pastime as you can imagine.


She can almost roll over. She had her legs all the way over on Saturday but her upper body was still lying sideways caught on an arm underneath. We’re still careful not to leave her anywhere elevated as she kicks off with her legs and rotates herself in a circle. And as a wise nursery worker once told me, just because they couldn’t do it yesterday doesn’t mean they can’t do it today.


She found her thumb, her first two fingers, and her two middle fingers. She sucks all three interchangeably. Clearly she’s adaptable. Most people in large families are. I think. Well, now that I think that through, maybe not. But she is. I’m claiming that for her future.


She’s refusing the bottle so she’s with me almost every waking moment. None of my other three were ever like this. She’s getting to the place where if she can’t see me she cries. I don’t mean a whimper or two, I mean a full-on “I’m mad” cry. Directly related?

I noticed Sunday her watching her hand as she brought it across to grab her wubbanub that was sitting in her lap. It’s the first I’ve seen her move her hand to intentionally pick something up. She picked up her little cow and started chewing on his tail. Score! It’s time to bring out some fun little infant toys for her to play with.


Last, but not least, she got the cutest little flower hat the other day. Almost as cute as her…. Doctor visit this Thursday. So no stats until then.

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  • Dottie / April 7, 2014 / Reply

    she smiles so much! (other than when you leave the room). So cute!!! Love all her cute clothes too πŸ˜‰

  • Catherine / April 7, 2014 / Reply

    Cute baby!!

  • johanna davis / April 7, 2014 / Reply

    She is so cute. Love her!

  • Becky / April 7, 2014 / Reply

    Can we see how she compares to your other girls at this age??
    To me she really has her own look.

  • Heather from Ontario Canada / April 8, 2014 / Reply

    I see you changed your title πŸ™‚ Piper is so cute !!

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