One of those days…

June 8, 2010/God

Have you ever had one of those days where you don’t need a list of things to do because all you have to do is look around you to the right and the left. That is today. Oh, in addition to my list of calls to make. Yikes! Got to make some calls.

But did take the time to read this from Oswald Chambers this morning and will take today to ponder it.
“It is not on what we spend the greatest amount of time that molds us the most, but whatever exerts the most power over us.
What has power over you that you are letting control your days?
UPDATE: House straightened top to bottom in preparation for tomorrow’s deep scrub (I love a deep scrub, don’t you?), check; calls made, check, check, check, check, check, check; dessert made for tonight’s visit with my brother and his girlfriend, check; garam masala made to rub on lamb, check; chicken deboned and pounded out for tomorrow’s dinner, check; sweet tea made and chilling for tonight, check; target run for diapers, etc., check; The Book wrapped and addressed for post office drop off tomorrow, check; laundry started, check…. Ryan bath….. hmmm, he’s a boy, he can stink one more day, right?

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  • johanna / June 8, 2010 / Reply

    john and girlfriend visiting?? wow! hope you all have a great time. love ya.

  • Lisa / June 9, 2010 / Reply

    How do you make your sweet tea? I have tried different ways and it never tastes the same from the South

  • K-tribe / June 10, 2010 / Reply

    Yes I know what you mean! : )

  • Marmi / June 10, 2010 / Reply

    Reading the Book “Real Love” by Greg Baer is teaching me to love more freely. Also our Ladies’ Study, “Compelled by Love”. Never to late to learn. 🙂

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