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September 20, 2011/Confessions of a SAHM

I joined the Y. For those of you not in the know, that’s the YMCA. I exercised four days in a row. I can’t move.

It was probably a little overkill to take a pilates class, body sculpting class, kickboxing class, and run a few miles my first week back after many moons of not exercising. I couldn’t help myself. Ryan loves being with kids his age and the Y is a perfect way for him to have an hour-an-a-half playdate every day. I did it for him really. I’m a giver like that. Because in order for him to take advantage of having a playdate, I have to work out. I guess I could sit in the coffee area and drink coffee, but I don’t like coffee and that would be wasting time. So I’m forced to work out.

I used to hate going to classes. I found enjoyment from planning my own workout routines, planning which day I’d work out certain muscles groups and putting together a suh-weet rotation. No more. I walk into a gym of machines and weights and my brain is immediately exhausted. I am now a class girl. No planning, no counting, no thinking. I’ve learned to like the lady who stands at the front of the class with a microphone strapped to her head barking out orders.

One of the things I noticed last week was that I’m just as much out of style at the gym as I am out of it. These Burgh Babes are stylish. Who knew there were so many cute exercise outfits out there. I’m still wearing my brother-in-law’s college shirt, my brother’s little league shirt, and my oversized athletic shirts paired up with mesh basketball shorts. I do have a few pairs of exercise pants that are older than my children which leaves me feeling very self-conscious. During my body sculpting class I kept having the reoccurring thought that I might have a hole in my pants. The thought would creep up every time my legs were spread eagle for some pilates move. I wasn’t sure if it was better to spread in confidence or actually crane my neck into my groin-area to confirm if there was a hole. I went the confidence route figuring everyone else was concentrating on themselves. Which reminds me, I should check those pants before I wear them again.

I felt the best this week while I was running. If I could brag for just a minute I think I’m a beautiful runner. It’s really too bad my high school didn’t have Track and Field. I would’ve had to run the short distances because I’m not a beautiful jogger…. I just kind of jog along, but when I open up into a full run I feel my stride elongate and think I must look like Michael Johnson or Flo Jo, except white.

Kickboxing came in a close second. There’s something about throwing punches that works for me. Not sure why. I’ve never been in a fistfight nor am I a violent person. I don’t even like watching boxing or UFC fights. But I’m ready if I need to defend myself. Jab, Cross, Hook, Uppercut.

I learned a new one this week called “the knife.” You swing your arm over your head and bring it down like you’re shoving a knife into someone. Knee, knee, kick, knife. I was really good at that sequence. Don’t worry though, I’m not gonna go out looking for trouble or anything, but should you ever need a wingman in a bar fight, you know my number. I’ve got your back.

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  • Maggie / September 20, 2011 / Reply

    You DO look like a white Flo Jo. I don’t know why I never saw it before.

  • Linda / September 20, 2011 / Reply

    Leighann…you are so funny…and I really laughed when I read this post.
    Are you an over achiever? I got tired just thinking about all of this exercise! (:>) I think you can do anything you set your mind to do. You rock!

    Glad you are doing all of this for Ryan! (wink) Love that boy!

    Love you too,

  • Leighann / September 20, 2011 / Reply

    @Maggie – yeah, I mean, it’s so obvious. Take away the nine-inch nails and I’m totally her.

  • Marmi / September 20, 2011 / Reply

    It took me awhile to read today’s post….most of that time was spent ROFL…the thought of you worrying about that hole in your pants….and then on to watching your “stride elongating”….OH, yes, I rode by that Y and it was in a beautiful setting, but isn’t everything in your area? Miss u!!!
    P.S. SO happy that baby boy has friends.

  • Kelly / September 20, 2011 / Reply

    You are so funny. Well it is a good thing you don’t run like Phobe from Friends. 😀

  • Anonymous / September 21, 2011 / Reply

    Fantastic post Leighann!

    I was reading while my daughter was watching Beauty and the Beast (right when the Beast is dying)and she saw me smiling and said “Mama, what are you smiling for? It’s not funny, the Beast is dying!”


    Have a good day!

    Lynda (South Africa)

  • Dot / September 22, 2011 / Reply

    haha love this post. Very funny. I need to join a gym just so I have the option to work out or take classes. Glad that you are in the swing of things. Sorry if you’re tired though because you are working out soooo much.

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