Favorite Winter Passtime #1

January 16, 2012/From the Garden
Winter has me thinking of gardening. It might seem strange, but it’s really the best time to plan for the spring. This is what our side yard looked like this summer when we moved in:
Here’s a side yard I found on Better Homes and Gardens.
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Look how pretty and clean theirs is…. we both have hostas and a brick path. They made their egress window into a positive instead of negative by creating a charming arch in the pathway around it. I already know I want to remove our ferns and thin out our hostas. They’re overgrown and the ferns are too close to the house. And I like how they have a border around the bricks… hmmm…. something to think about.
Here is our backyard in the fall being eaten by deer.

It’s hard to tell because of the overgrowth, but there are three large tiers in our backyard before it flattens under a group of hardwoods at the top. I’m trying to decide if I want to try planting herbs and a few veggies like tomatoes and pickling cucumbers on the first tier. My hope is to put up salsa and pickles this summer. My quandary is the deer and chipmunks. Do I try to fight this battle? Or just buy the produce from a local farmer?

Whatever I decide, I think the tiers have the potential for beauty if they’re cleaned up and tended to. I found some inspiration in my cyber-traveling:
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How about a fountain of succulents or some containers here and there on the tiers? This one from Traditional Home has me salivating.
As did this idea also from Traditional Home…
I’m trying to convince Henry to let me rip off the grey wooden deck on the back of the house and replace it with a stone patio. Perhaps he’ll go for it if I make it a chess board instead.
There’s a set of steps… I’m considering finding something like this to dress them up
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(photo from Pinterest. No source sited)
This year I will probable make small changes while trying to nurture what is already here. From what I can tell there are day lilies, russian sage, lamb’s ear, irises, rhododendron, and roses.
Have you started your garden planning yet?

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  • Richelle / January 16, 2012 / Reply

    Looks like you have a lot of potential! I love the steps idea!!

  • Anonymous / January 16, 2012 / Reply

    you are making me so jealous. I love gardening. Maybe I’ll plant stuff where I’m renting. I love all the pics you posted. I say try to plant the stuff. There are lots of strategies for dealing with deer.

  • Linda / January 16, 2012 / Reply

    How wonderful that your yard has so much potential Leighann! I am not a gardener, but I do love to look at pretty flowers and plants. And I sometimes wish I had a lovely garden. But then I have so many allergies, I could never work in it.

    I know you will set your mind to do it and it will be lovely!

  • budgetgradstudent / January 16, 2012 / Reply

    I love the fountain of succulents! That would work really well on my tiny patio and with my super dry summers.

  • Marmi / January 17, 2012 / Reply

    fountain and chessboard are my vote

  • Anonymous / January 18, 2012 / Reply

    You could friend Bill Weaver on Facebook and see pictures of his backyard – it looks similar to his in landscape – he’s my cousin and loves to share his and Pat’s backyard with friends. Here’s a link: http://livefrompleasantchapeli.blogspot.com/2011/06/bills-botanical-is-doing-its-magic.html

    Beverly – Ohio

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