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October 19, 2009/Miscellaneous
I love fall!  I love the crisp, fresh air after a long humid, hot summer. Unfortunately, it rained all weekend in our neck of the woods. We took the opportunity to do an indoor activity – CARVE PUMPKINS! 

Getting down and dirty… 

Cleaning off the top…
The family that plays together…. 

Henry cleaned the seeds so I could roast them. 
I spread them on a stoneware sheet, added a dash of salt and a sprinkle of sumak
heated the oven to 350 degrees F, then roasted them. It would help if I could remember how long I roasted them, huh? Well, it was probably like 15 minutes or until golden, but I really can’t remember. 
Here’s what they came out looking like….
Henry and I both think they’re great. Natalie tried them and said, “Yum. I want more!” I said, “If I put them in your lunch for a snack will you eat them?” She said, “If you [only] put in two.” 🙂  
How was your weekend?

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  • Anonymous / October 19, 2009 / Reply

    Looks like you had a good time! And the seeds look oh so yummy!!! I had a great weekend, spending time with OUR family…Grandma, Papa, your Mom, Chrissy, Aunt Ko and Amrit. It was a really good time! I’m hoping to go to NY next month as well. My church and Sunday school class all keep praying for Ryan and your family. Amrit gave a really good presentation last night at our church…he told us stories about what is going on in Pakistan, and showed us some videos and pics of the horrors going on there. Really woke me up to how much we take things for granted in this free country of ours. I think maybe I need to be reminded every day how good I really have it, ya know? Anyway, I really enjoyed the visit with family I don’t get to see nearly enough. Hope to see you soon. I got a pic of our moms and Aunt Ko singing in church with Chrissy playing our Great-Grandpa Ivan’s guitar…I will text it to you. It’s a small pic, but a girl in my church also took one and said she would put it on Facebook, so I will also get it to you that way. Hope things are going better with Ryan and his breathing…I’ll keep praying. Love you all! Richelle

  • whittybrooke / October 19, 2009 / Reply

    Looks like ya’ll had fun! We carved pumpkins last week too. It was a first time for me and I found out it’s alot of work! Totally worth it though. 🙂
    As for the weekend it turned cold here(what we consider cold anyway!) and was windy and messy outside for most of it. But we did brave the weather for part of Saturday to go to a Heritage Festival they were having nearby. We did pretty much freeze but it was fun anyway.
    Hope Ryan is doing okay. Ya’ll have been in our thoughts and prayers alot lately. Glad that you had a fun, relaxing weekend with the rest of your family!
    Love, Tyra

  • maryanne / October 19, 2009 / Reply

    Great pumpkins! We need to do this with our kids soon…

  • Julie / October 19, 2009 / Reply

    we carved pumpkins too and we were wondering how to roast the seeds… we will have to try it

  • Go Notre Dame! / October 19, 2009 / Reply

    Good grief! Your giant really IS a giant!! He can almost see over the top of the upper cabinet! That really puts his height into perspective for me!
    I guess he’d be pretty handy for the cobwebbing! lol

  • Dot / October 21, 2009 / Reply

    My friends and I did this exact thing on Sunday. It was sooo fun and brought back so many memories. John was here and carved a mini pumpkin- it was awesome.

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