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June 1, 2015/Fun

School is coming to a close – AGAIN! When did that happen? In our neck of the woods, we have two weeks left well almost two weeks. The kids get out next Thursday. But today marks the beginning of June so I better get ready!

Last year I made a fun summer reading incentive program for the kids. I thought it would be fun to do again this year. I saw the idea in Family Fun Magazine. They called it a book bonanza and did it a little differently. By differently, I mean prettier… with colored envelopes, and type-written titles on pretty medallion stickers. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

I did what I could. I bought 24 cards from Target for $4.99, used file folder labels I had laying around the house, and hand-wrote everything in Sharpie. Each girl got 12 books….


The article suggested having little prizes in the envelope. That’s NOT my idea of fun. I hate throwing away little tchotchkes that no one plays with, especially when I’m the one who bought them.


Instead I came up with coupons that fit our family…


The article did not give a list of book genres or prizes to cover 12 weeks. Boo. I spent more time thinking up those lists than I did filling out the envelopes. In case you want to do something similar, I’m going to make it easy and tell you my book genres and coupons. You could use whatever envelopes you have in the house and put little papers in them if you don’t want to spend the money on cards. It’s up to you. Have fun!  And don’t forget that area businesses and public libraries offer summer reading prizes. I know there are at least 4 in our area. Double Yay.  Now on to the lists.


1. Fantasy
2. Sci-fi
3. Set in another country (geography)
4. Historical fiction
5. About a girl
6. Your choice
7. About {child’s favorite subject} a puppy/Native American
8. About an animal
9. About orphans
10. Adventure
11. Mystery
12. Biography

(you could also do about space, about art, a classic, a book that’s won an award, a nature guide, a how-to guide, joke book, fairy tale, choose-your-own-ending, graphic novel, science experiment book, about your home town)


1. Ice cream treat from Brusters (local ice cream shop)
2. 20 mins later bedtime
3. Cuddle time with mom
4. Mom paints your nails
5. Falling asleep in mom and dad’s bed
6. Pick a chore for mom to do from your weekly list
7. Play date
8. Choose an activity with mom (20 mins max, must be at home)
9. Your favorite candy
10. 1 book from the used bookstore
11. Dessert before dinner
12. Treat from the vending machine at the pool

This article originally posted on LIVING WITH FOUR HOBBITS AND A GIANT June 12, 2014.

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