Coat Closet Redo

January 11, 2013/DIY

From the time we moved into this house approximately 18 months ago, the coat closet has driven me bonkers (as if I need any help). The kids can’t reach the rod to hand up their coats and their shoes and backpacks became one big messy pile. Most days we couldn’t even shut the door. Like so:

Since January is National Gung-Ho month, I celebrated last week by redoing the coat closet. 
I removed everything, including the shelf/hanging rod. 
The closet was dirty with shoe marks and the yellow paint had dulled with time. I went ahead and repainted it with some white paint left over from another project. It added a few hours to the project, but it was well worth it. While I was waiting for the paint to dry, Ryan and I put together this shoe organizer. 
He loved using the hammer!

Then I did some configuring. I measured the bags I keep on the top shelf to see the minimum space I needed at the top of the closet. Then I measured the shoe organizer, Natalie’s coat and backpack, and Henry’s coats. It worked out down to the inch. 
I ended up putting the shelf within 11″ of the ceiling. This is way too high for the kids, but fine for Henry and I. I can still fit my bags at the top and most importantly, I could fit hooks for the kids’ backpacks and coats above the shoe organizer. 

I’m happy to say the door of the coat closet has been shut every day since. 

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  • phaedra96 / January 11, 2013 / Reply

    Job well done. They say to start the year as you mean to go; so you have started organized!

  • Richelle / January 11, 2013 / Reply

    Love it!! Come do mine please?? Did I mention I need ALL of them done? 😉

  • LoveLladro / January 11, 2013 / Reply

    I put 3M hooks (the metal with plastic back) on the door for kiddo coats and jackets. The most I have done is 5 without a real problem closing the door ;~)

  • mrsabbywilk / January 11, 2013 / Reply

    Great job! Way to work with the space you already have.

  • Kelly / January 11, 2013 / Reply

    I did 3m hooks on the inside of the door.
    PS- I would need a ladder to reach your coats. HAHA

  • Dottie Ward / January 11, 2013 / Reply

    haha nice! Love that the little man got to help. Whoot! Whoot! for organization and closed closet doors hehe

  • Linda / January 12, 2013 / Reply

    Good job Ryan and Leighann! (:>) Looks great! I need to clean and organize my closet in our bedroom, and I keep putting it off since it is a huge job. But I know I will feel so much better when I finally do it!

    Thanks…I am almost persuaded to give it a try! (:>)

    Love, Linda

    • Quiana / July 19, 2016 / Reply

      This could not poislbsy have been more helpful!

  • Lisa / January 13, 2013 / Reply

    I did this 2 years ago to our coat closet. It drives me nuts when its a mess. Its not so bad now excpet when Sailor takes all the shoes out and then just dumps them back in on the floor. She is pretty good if you tell her to make it neat tho.

  • Anonymous / February 22, 2013 / Reply

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