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Playing our way through Pittsburgh

July 18, 2014/Family/3 Comments

They say when you’re behind on photos to start in the present and catch up…

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Memorial Day Weekend 2014

May 29, 2014/Family/3 Comments

Henry’s cousin and family came to visit for the weekend. We get together with Anthony…

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City-country girl at heart.

March 26, 2014/Pittsburgh/1 Comment

I grew up in the city. Lots of little houses built in the 1950s spaced…

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Phipps Cafe

March 14, 2014/Food/2 Comments

We’re eating our way through Pittsburgh as you guys know by now. My new quest…

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The best juice I ever had… {Fresh from the Farm Juices}

February 21, 2014/Family/0 Comments

I decided 2014 is going to be the year of “the best I ever had”…

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Paris 66

January 24, 2014/Family/0 Comments

One last post to finish up our weekend marathon of eating! For lunch we took…

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The Strip District {Enrico’s sells Gluten Free!}

January 23, 2014/Family/2 Comments

We headed down to The Strip District on Monday morning to show the newbies the…

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Family Fun

January 22, 2014/Family/1 Comment

We had a big weekend, full of family and fun! After church on Sunday we…

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The Frick House {Ainsley}

January 14, 2014/Ainsley/0 Comments

Ainsley’s Girl Scout troop visited the Frick Art and Historical Center in Pittsburgh. Henry Clay…

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The not-so-secret gardens

January 8, 2014/Family/2 Comments

We are a museum family. We just are. Natalie visited the National Gallery of Art…

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