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DYI Summer Reading Program for kids

June 1, 2015/Fun/0 Comments

School is coming to a close – AGAIN! When did that happen? In our neck…

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Who knew…

November 13, 2014/Kid Tips/2 Comments

As a mother of four, it’s clear to me people are wired to feel. It’s…

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Fun Summer Reading

June 12, 2014/Family/4 Comments

Today is the last day of school. No. I’m not ready. I’ve been having small…

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4 easy ways to change your child’s bad mood

April 10, 2014/Kid Tips/2 Comments

With the number of girls in our house, it’s inevitable that someone wakes up on…

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what is confidence?

April 1, 2013/Kid Tips/1 Comment

According to the dictionary, confidence is “full trust; belief in the powers, trustworthiness, or reliability of a person or thing,” so it only makes sense that…

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New After School Routine

January 15, 2013/Confessions of a SAHM/7 Comments

I can’t think of any more hectic time in my day than the hours between…

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Organanizing Kids’ Memorabilia

November 13, 2012/Kid Tips/3 Comments

There’s been a growing pile in my house for several years. A pile I wasn’t…

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giving thanks

October 30, 2012/Kid Tips/4 Comments

Being grateful is an art. In a cultural where very few of us are in…

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Kids and Money, Part 2

October 11, 2012/Kid Tips/4 Comments

A few months ago I posted about the method we use for chores, allowance and…

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May 22, 2012/Ainsley/2 Comments

School is over in three weeks. THREE WEEKS!  Three children at home all day for…

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