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Summer List 2015 {with downloadable}

May 29, 2015/Uncategorized/2 Comments

I’ve been reading about some activities coming to our area this summer and am suddenly…

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Happy Memorial Day!

May 25, 2015/Fun/0 Comments

Today we’ll say farewell to my sister Dottie and her husband Adam as they head…

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You don’t get credit for slowing down in life, but you should

May 15, 2015/Marriage/4 Comments

My husband stayed home from work the other day. He wasn’t feeling very well.  Days…

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Pride Comes Before a Fall: A mother’s story of brokenness

May 11, 2015/Living with Special Needs/5 Comments

A wise sage once said, “Pride comes before a fall.” I’ve always taken that as…

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What a fat panda taught me about parenting

May 8, 2015/motherhood/1 Comment

Just before Easter, the stomach bug hit our house and really all the littles wanted…

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Finding the {ideal} balance

May 6, 2015/Reflection/3 Comments

I realized lately how hard I work on a daily basis to attain some sort…

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What April 2015 taught me {and giveaway winner}

May 4, 2015/Reflection/2 Comments

First up, Congratulations to Laura Kahler who won the 2 copies of Showing Heart from…

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Stitch Fix {8}

April 21, 2015/Uncategorized/5 Comments

I’ve lost count at this point and am too tired to go back and search,…

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The unromantic truth of motherhood

April 8, 2015/Uncategorized/10 Comments

I just read another blogger’s story about bringing home her fourth baby and how awesome…

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the unromantic truth of motherhood

40-day Easter Journey – Week 7 Supply List

March 28, 2015/Faith/0 Comments

  Day 35: Dinner plate, fresh horseradish, shank bone (or chicken neck), matzot crackers, egg,…

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