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DYI Summer Reading Program for kids

June 1, 2015/Fun/0 Comments

School is coming to a close – AGAIN! When did that happen? In our neck…

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Happy Memorial Day!

May 25, 2015/Fun/0 Comments

Today we’ll say farewell to my sister Dottie and her husband Adam as they head…

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Join us Feb. 18 – Easter morning! {2015}

January 23, 2015/Books/2 Comments

I am so excited to announce that I’ll be spending my days with you –…

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All you can eat community

October 23, 2014/friends/5 Comments

I had an amazing weekend this past week… Henry and Natalie are traveling for her…

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Jack in the ‘Burgh

August 15, 2014/Fun/0 Comments

This man. Took me to see this man. The moment he walked on stage was…

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Playing our way through Pittsburgh

July 18, 2014/Family/3 Comments

They say when you’re behind on photos to start in the present and catch up…

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Memorial Day Weekend 2014

May 29, 2014/Family/3 Comments

Henry’s cousin and family came to visit for the weekend. We get together with Anthony…

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Cake made us friends.

January 27, 2014/friends/5 Comments

I remember the day a new friend asked me if I wanted a piece of…

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Paris 66

January 24, 2014/Family/0 Comments

One last post to finish up our weekend marathon of eating! For lunch we took…

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The Strip District {Enrico’s sells Gluten Free!}

January 23, 2014/Family/2 Comments

We headed down to The Strip District on Monday morning to show the newbies the…

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