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What the American Girl doll store taught my daughters

November 19, 2014/Ainsley/4 Comments

1.  It’s still fun to be a little girl In this age where the world tries…

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It’s not too late.

December 30, 2013/Family/2 Comments

For the past couple years, we’ve let the kid pick out “gifts” from the World…

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Present Colors!

September 16, 2013/Ainsley/2 Comments

The girls had the awesome opportunity over the weekend to present the color guard at…

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First Day of School 2013

August 26, 2013/Family/1 Comment

It’s the first day of school here in our neck of the woods. The girls…

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soccer season is over

June 4, 2013/Ainsley/0 Comments

Soccer season is over. It’s only 8 weeks long, but for the love of Pete,…

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May 23, 2013/Ainsley/1 Comment

After visiting the Mayan family, we made our way to COBA – a Mayan temple…

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Visiting a Mayan Family

May 22, 2013/Ainsley/1 Comment

After a morning of swimming, we were taken to a restaurant where we had the…

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Swimming in Caves

May 21, 2013/Ainsley/0 Comments

I actually don’t have a ton of pictures from our trip – which you might…

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seven springs

February 25, 2013/Ainsley/4 Comments

Last weekend we went skiing at a nearby resort. We had a TON of fun. …

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Daddy/Daughter Dance 2013

February 11, 2013/My Giant/1 Comment

Henry and the girls headed out Saturday night for the Girl Scouts’ Father/Daughter Dance. Natalie…

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