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Christmas Tree shopping 2014

December 15, 2014/Ainsley/2 Comments

We got a tree this past weekend – yay!  This by far has been one…

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What the American Girl doll store taught my daughters

November 19, 2014/Ainsley/4 Comments

1.  It’s still fun to be a little girl In this age where the world tries…

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Never a dull moment…

November 17, 2014/kids/4 Comments

Pun intended. This angle makes it look like the foreign body was in her toes.…

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I hope they’re ready for us…

October 31, 2014/Ainsley/2 Comments

Last week our neighborhood had a Halloween parade – a full week before the actual…

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July 23, 2014/Ainsley/7 Comments

We don’t do big birthday parties for our kids every year. And even when we…

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Valentine’s Day play date

February 20, 2014/Ainsley/2 Comments

In our quest to have more play dates, we thought it’d be fun to host…

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Friday at last

February 7, 2014/Natalie/10 Comments

I am so glad it’s Friday. This week has been hard. And Friday makes it…

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I am THAT mom

February 5, 2014/Confessions/4 Comments

I signed Natalie up for an indoor soccer league that’s supposed to help teach kids…

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House Rules

February 4, 2014/Family/4 Comments

I found these on the counter Sunday when I came home from the store:

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They are what they think…

January 9, 2014/Natalie/6 Comments

In the early fall I started praying about what I could do to help instill…

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