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What if you’re not happy this Christmas?

December 24, 2015/Confessions of a SAHM/0 Comments

Christmas is supposed to be the most hap- happiest time of the year. But what…

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My Prayer for your Christmas

December 10, 2015/Holidays/2 Comments

This time of year can be so overwhelmingly busy that we forget to stop and…

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Happy Memorial Day!

May 25, 2015/Fun/0 Comments

Today we’ll say farewell to my sister Dottie and her husband Adam as they head…

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Christmas Tree shopping 2014

December 15, 2014/Ainsley/2 Comments

We got a tree this past weekend – yay!  This by far has been one…

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I hope they’re ready for us…

October 31, 2014/Ainsley/2 Comments

Last week our neighborhood had a Halloween parade – a full week before the actual…

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Memorial Day Weekend 2014

May 29, 2014/Family/3 Comments

Henry’s cousin and family came to visit for the weekend. We get together with Anthony…

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Resurrection Cookies Recipe

April 16, 2014/Holidays/0 Comments

We’ve done these cookies a few times now and I definitely want to do them…

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New Year’s Traditions

January 2, 2014/Family/2 Comments

For as many years as I can remember with kids we’ve gotten together with the…

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A spot of tea

December 27, 2013/Family/2 Comments

The day after Christmas we went to The Frick House for afternoon tea. Henry’s parents…

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Christmas Eve/Christmas Day 2013

December 27, 2013/Family/1 Comment

Our kids love Christmas Eve almost as much as they love Christmas. It’s become our…

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