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Charity: 3 tips for creating a giving plan you’re comfortable with

May 15, 2016/Confessions/0 Comments

Henry and I have always been drawn to charity helping children in need, whether they…

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A Mother’s Day Wish

May 8, 2016/Social Justice/0 Comments

This Mother’s Day morning, I hope that (if you are a mother of littles) you…

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To Josh Duggar

August 21, 2015/Soapbox/8 Comments

When I read the headline this morning that Josh Duggar’s name appeared among the many…

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A tale of Thanksgiving

November 26, 2014/Reflection/6 Comments

Nothing is so inconsistent with the life of any Christian as overindulgence. (The Rule of Benedict)…

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Are you with me?

November 4, 2014/Social Justice/1 Comment

I was going to post an update on Piper today since she’s 11 months old,…

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Shopping for something that will make a difference…

November 25, 2011/Holidays/0 Comments

It’s Black Friday. Millions of people got up early, or put off sleeping, to wait…

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An age-old question

February 11, 2011/God/3 Comments

Thursday a group of ladies I was with was talking about the struggle we all…

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