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Another Confession

December 5, 2011/Confessions of a SAHM/4 Comments

It’s no secret. I’ve mentioned before how hard staying at home with my children is…

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September 28, 2011/God/2 Comments

I’m reading a great book right now called “Loving God” by Charles Colson. He has…

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Living with an Introvert?

September 26, 2011/Reflection/0 Comments

I saw this article the other day and thought I’d pass it along for those…

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For we walk by faith…

August 8, 2011/God/6 Comments

I’ve had a lot of time to think about home in the past month, but…

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April 22, 2011/God/5 Comments

“He whose life is one even and smooth path, will see but little of the…

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More gleaning

March 22, 2011/Reflection/1 Comment

Another small taste from Ann: “I once looked at photos of the dead Dead Sea,…

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Gleaning from others…

March 16, 2011/Reflection/4 Comments

I am reading “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp. She says some good stuff. Here…

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March 8, 2011/God/6 Comments

It’s Monday night. Henry is not home yet. The kids are asleep. The house is…

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An age-old question

February 11, 2011/God/3 Comments

Thursday a group of ladies I was with was talking about the struggle we all…

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Full Confesion

December 14, 2010/God/11 Comments

I remember right after Natalie was born I had a fear of driving over bridges.…

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