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The Bigger Picture

September 21, 2012/Parenting/5 Comments

i don’t even remember why i went up. probably to give something to natalie that…

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What do gardening and parenting have in common?

September 10, 2012/Ainsley/3 Comments

Steps for planting bulbs:  1. Gather your bulbs 2. Remove weeds 3. Dig holes at…

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Tiger Mothers

August 10, 2012/Parenting/6 Comments

When I’m out in my garden or grabbing something from my car I hear them practicing…

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Kids and Money

July 17, 2012/kids/4 Comments

Growing up I don’t remember my parents teaching me too much about money. We didn’t…

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May 22, 2012/Ainsley/2 Comments

School is over in three weeks. THREE WEEKS!  Three children at home all day for…

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Spirited Children.

January 17, 2012/Books/4 Comments

I once had a Bible Study leader confess that one of her children was more…

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A dinner date with the kids

October 13, 2011/Parenting/3 Comments

I think a lot about my kids. About what I should be doing as a…

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