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Emotional Intelligence: Four ways to create a healthy emotional environment

November 6, 2016/#embracinghard/1 Comment

  “When the doctor told me I had cancer, my whole world turned upside down.…

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Healing: a summer of thanksgiving

October 21, 2016/#embracinghard/5 Comments

I’m beginning to get emails asking if everything is okay so I know it’s time…

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Adding a second baby (or any added work)

March 10, 2016/#embracinghard/0 Comments

Advice for adding a second baby Hey guys!  Having a second baby is a wonderful time,…

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Motivation – The secret to how I produce change

February 24, 2016/Books/2 Comments

Using discontentment as a motivation for change A few weeks ago we talked about being…

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A much needed update.

September 15, 2015/Confessions/10 Comments

It’s been so long since I posted, I almost forgot how to start a new…

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I’m done being Mary Poppins

June 15, 2015/Family/5 Comments

Sometimes I have to remind my kids I’m not Mary Poppins. I’d like to say…

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DYI Summer Reading Program for kids

June 1, 2015/Fun/0 Comments

School is coming to a close – AGAIN! When did that happen? In our neck…

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What a fat panda taught me about parenting

May 8, 2015/motherhood/1 Comment

Just before Easter, the stomach bug hit our house and really all the littles wanted…

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a safe place to land – revisted

April 14, 2015/Confessions of a SAHM/1 Comment

for years I thought I was doing the right thing. striving to make a soft…

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You Are Not Alone: An Insider’s Guide to Facing Prenatal Diagnosis

February 2, 2015/Books/1 Comment

Just in time for Heart Awareness Month!!! I’m so happy to announce that You Are…

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