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36 weeks

November 12, 2013/Confessions/5 Comments

It hit me yesterday that I’m 36 weeks pregnant as evidenced by this picture (when…

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We’re all okay.

October 9, 2013/Confessions/4 Comments

Tip of the day: Fried eggs taste like scrambled eggs the second time around. Truth.…

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On forgiving myself

October 2, 2013/Confessions/7 Comments

I’m big on forgiveness. Real big. I have a hard time holding things against people…

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Emotions do exist in our home

July 12, 2013/Confessions of a SAHM/4 Comments

A little bit of an emotional dump today, but I’ve processed a few things over…

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The Mother Soul

April 22, 2013/Confessions of a SAHM/4 Comments

Dirty bathwater heralds the start of spring, a testament to the hours played outside with…

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Letters to my Children (Ryan)

March 20, 2013/Family/0 Comments

  (via) Dear Ryan, You showed me the face of God. I’ll never forget the…

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Letters to My Children (Ainsley)

March 19, 2013/Ainsley/0 Comments

  (via) If you read yesterday’s post, this is just a continuation. This one to…

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Letters to My Children

March 18, 2013/Family/0 Comments

(via) Recently I had a night where I ran for my life for six hours.…

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Out of the mouth of my babe.

March 24, 2011/Ainsley/9 Comments

Ainsley: Mommy, are you old? Mommy: No, I’m not. Ainsley, accusingly: How old are you?…

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It can only get better from here…

March 14, 2011/motherhood/11 Comments

4:30 am “Mommy, there’s something scary in my room.” Ainsley says as she enters my…

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