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Mary did you know?

December 19, 2014/Confessions of a SAHM/4 Comments

I’ll never forget how the girls fell in love with the song, Mary Did You…

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Who knew…

November 13, 2014/Kid Tips/2 Comments

As a mother of four, it’s clear to me people are wired to feel. It’s…

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To the mom who has it all under control.

November 10, 2014/Confessions of a SAHM/3 Comments

    Dear mom who cleans up right-away: You’re missing a tremendous opportunity to feed…

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Pee for me

October 22, 2014/motherhood/3 Comments

Many times, as a mom, I’ve had to set aside a physical need to meet…

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The not-so-glamorous side of motherhood

May 21, 2014/Confessions of a SAHM/5 Comments

I sat there trying to love my kids… like really love them. Since arriving at…

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Pride comes before the stomach bug.

April 11, 2014/Confessions of a SAHM/5 Comments

Piper had her 4 month check up yesterday. I told the doctor that other than…

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Motherhood and the Unexpected

April 9, 2014/Confessions of a SAHM/12 Comments

As I sit here with milk leaking across the right side of my shirt because…

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motherhood and the unexpected

Just another day in the Burgh

March 28, 2014/Confessions of a SAHM/9 Comments

So yesterday was an interesting day…. I headed out in the afternoon to do a…

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Teaching Emotional Intelligence

January 16, 2014/Confessions/3 Comments

I’m not going to pretend to be emotionally intelligent. As an avoider, I tend to…

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Here we go again.

December 20, 2013/Family/2 Comments

So I’m a mom again. Just like that (well really it took 9 months, but…

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