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Home to New York

June 10, 2015/Family/4 Comments

Somehow I missed posting on Friday and Monday. I always say somehow when I don’t…

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Cake made us friends.

January 27, 2014/friends/5 Comments

I remember the day a new friend asked me if I wanted a piece of…

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Papa is home

September 18, 2013/Confessions of a SAHM/6 Comments

When I found out my Papa died on Sunday, I was standing in line at…

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Rhubarb Strawberry Pie

June 10, 2013/Food/4 Comments

Pies were very important to Henry growing up. They speak to him of all things…

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Sweet Frog with a sweet lady

April 10, 2013/Family/3 Comments

My grandmother rode with my sisters and me home from my Aunt Glenda’s funeral. We…

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Gone but not forgotten

April 9, 2013/Family/3 Comments

On Friday, we said good-bye to my dear Aunt Glenda. She and my Uncle Bill…

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Thank you, Grandma

February 12, 2013/Memory Lane/3 Comments

Thank you, Grandma  Grandma Stamper, it’s sad to see you go, but I’d like to…

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Catching up with the Great-Grandparents!

June 11, 2012/Family/5 Comments

The first weekend of summer was chock-full of fun. Henry and the girls left late…

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May 16, 2012/Memory Lane/5 Comments

Two Saturdays ago was a particularly rough day for Ryan making it a particularly rough…

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Small World

February 6, 2012/Memory Lane/6 Comments

It all started when I got the following email: Dear Leighann, Just a few minutes…

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