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An open letter to Jimmy Kimmel and Molly McNearney

May 4, 2017/#embracinghard/1 Comment

Dear Jimmy, I wanted to reach out to you earlier this week, but haven’t been…

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Grief: Tips for surviving emotionally during trauma.

January 23, 2017/#embracinghard/4 Comments

Every so often I get emails from a family who has a baby with a…

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Stuck in Resentment? Four ways to move toward forgiveness

February 28, 2016/#embracinghard/7 Comments

Everyone sooner or later experiences pain as the result of the actions of others. There…

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resentment to forgiveness

Dancing in the rain

October 12, 2015/Health/9 Comments

In the weeks since Ryan’s surgery it has become more real to me than ever…

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All is Well {post Fontan, we are home}

August 13, 2015/Family/8 Comments

I’m sitting in the waiting room of the orthodontist while Ainsley gets spacers put on…

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Goodbye, Mr. Tube (Ryan’s Fontan Day 32)

August 2, 2015/Hearts/9 Comments

They pulled Ryan’s chest tube this morning after two days of draining in the high…

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Still in a holding pattern (day 30 post Fontan)

July 30, 2015/Hearts/6 Comments

Ryan continues to be completely stable except for his chest tube drainage.  His ascites is…

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Ryan’s Fontan post-op day 27

July 27, 2015/Hearts/8 Comments

We are in day 27 of Ryan’s post-Fontan hospital stay and we’re tired. Tired of…

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Ryan’s Fontan – 3 weeks post-op

July 23, 2015/Hearts/10 Comments

Day 23- Ryan has had steady waves of nausea throughout last night and today. Ascites…

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Ryan Update (Fontan day 20)

July 20, 2015/Hearts/16 Comments

This is our 20th day in house and it doesn’t look like we’re breaking out…

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