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{self esteem} Are you allowing others to determine your worth?

March 27, 2016/Coaching/1 Comment

The last few weeks we’ve talked about mindset – how it’s okay to change your…

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resentment to forgiveness

Stuck in Resentment? Four ways to move toward forgiveness

February 28, 2016/#embracinghard/7 Comments

Everyone sooner or later experiences pain as the result of the actions of others. There…

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Looking for a fixer.

June 12, 2015/Confessions of a SAHM/4 Comments

Have you ever felt defeated?  Depressed? Heavy with the burdens and concerns of life? Have…

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The mystery of grace

April 23, 2015/God/7 Comments

Ryan has a heart catheterization tomorrow. I can see the looks on their faces as…

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He is Risen!!

April 4, 2015/Faith/0 Comments

Happy Easter!!  By now you are ready to celebrate! On Resurrection morning, open the oven…

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40-day Easter Journey – Day 40

April 3, 2015/Faith/0 Comments

Can you imagine how the followers of Jesus felt the day after His crucifixion? Here…

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40-day Easter Journey – Day 39

April 2, 2015/Faith/0 Comments

Good Friday Mark 15:22 – And they brought Him to the place Golgotha, which is…

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40-day Easter Journey – Day 38

April 1, 2015/Faith/0 Comments

The Trial of Jesus Mark 14:61-65 … Again the high priest was questioning Him, and…

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40-day Easter Journey – Day 37

March 31, 2015/Faith/0 Comments

Judas Betrays Jesus Matthew 26: 14-15 Then one of the twelve, named Judas Iscariot, went…

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40-day Easter Journey – Day 36

March 30, 2015/Faith/0 Comments

The Garden of Gethsemane Matthew 26: 36,38-39, 42 Then Jesus came with them to a…

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