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5 Ways to Use the Pomodoro Method with kids

May 21, 2017/Coaching/1 Comment

One of the hardest things as a work-at-home mom is fitting in all my work…

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An open letter to Jimmy Kimmel and Molly McNearney

May 4, 2017/#embracinghard/1 Comment

Dear Jimmy, I wanted to reach out to you earlier this week, but haven’t been…

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Grief: Tips for surviving emotionally during trauma.

January 23, 2017/#embracinghard/4 Comments

Every so often I get emails from a family who has a baby with a…

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Emotional Intelligence: Four ways to create a healthy emotional environment

November 6, 2016/#embracinghard/1 Comment

  “When the doctor told me I had cancer, my whole world turned upside down.…

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Healing: a summer of thanksgiving

October 21, 2016/#embracinghard/5 Comments

I’m beginning to get emails asking if everything is okay so I know it’s time…

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Three secrets to a successful summer

June 5, 2016/Family/4 Comments

Three secrets to a successful summer By the time you read this, my children will…

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Charity: 3 tips for creating a giving plan you’re comfortable with

May 15, 2016/Confessions/0 Comments

Henry and I have always been drawn to charity helping children in need, whether they…

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A Mother’s Day Wish

May 8, 2016/Social Justice/0 Comments

This Mother’s Day morning, I hope that (if you are a mother of littles) you…

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Delegating: The ultimate list for busy moms on a budget

April 24, 2016/motherhood/1 Comment

When you ask how someone is doing, “Busy” is just as likely as “Good” to…

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{self esteem} Are you allowing others to determine your worth?

March 27, 2016/Coaching/1 Comment

The last few weeks we’ve talked about mindset – how it’s okay to change your…

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