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{Video Series} What I did before kids/Why life coaching?

March 23, 2016/Coaching/3 Comments

Hey guys – in today’s video I talk a little more about what I did before…

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Are you a closet perfectionist?

March 20, 2016/Coaching/0 Comments

I have a confession to make. Recently my frustration level with Ryan was building. I…

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Happy: Why the American dream is killing our spirit

March 13, 2016/Coaching/4 Comments

I’m American, born and raised. I’m hopelessly patriotic, if there is such a thing. I…

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donald trump

The first sane thing I’ve heard Trump say while campaigning

March 6, 2016/#embracinghard/1 Comment

Not gonna lie. I’m already sick of the presidential campaigns and we haven’t even finished…

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Stuck in Resentment? Four ways to move toward forgiveness

February 28, 2016/#embracinghard/7 Comments

Everyone sooner or later experiences pain as the result of the actions of others. There…

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resentment to forgiveness

Motivation – The secret to how I produce change

February 24, 2016/Books/2 Comments

Using discontentment as a motivation for change A few weeks ago we talked about being…

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{Mindfulness} 3 steps you can take today to live more fully

February 21, 2016/Coaching/2 Comments

If you’ve been around these parts much, then you know I’m  a do-er. I’ve been task…

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Conflict Resolution: How Searching for the Truth is Killing Your Relationship

February 14, 2016/#embracinghard/2 Comments

A new way to resolve conflict.  We like to think the typical marriage arguments have…

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Why 92% of people don’t keep their resolutions

February 7, 2016/#embracinghard/1 Comment

  Did you know, according to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, 25% of people give…

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{Content} How to be happy in the midst of difficulty

January 31, 2016/#embracinghard/2 Comments

Hey guys!  I’m so excited for today’s post in which I share my very first…

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