I was going to post an update on Piper today since she’s 11 months old, but it will have to wait. This is way more important… I need your help. I get anywhere between 500 and 700 hits a day on this blog… I know we can get this done together.

Arnold Lemke is a photographer who visited Haiti in 1987. What he saw changed his life and the lives of thousands – thousands! – of kids forever. He started by feeding 12 malnourished children under a tree, they’ve multiplied to 7,000. His vision to help the children of Haiti has grown to into orphanages, schools for children, a trade school for women, a medical clinic and maybe more I don’t know about!  Because one man said “yes”, thousands of children eat a hot meal every school day and are given an education that will hopefully lead to a better tomorrow. But there’s always a need because there’s always more children – especially since the earthquake 2 years ago.

I don’t ask for money often on this blog (unless I shamelessly plug the Girl Scouts!), but I am asking for some today… if you aren’t interested in saying yes, come back tomorrow for an update on the cutest baby ever. I get it. No hard feelings.

But if you feel the tiniest tug… the tiniest wish to make a significant impact on someone you will never meet, someone you won’t be able to post a Facebook status with or about, or take a selfie with, then read on.

Children’s Lifeline – the non-profit organization Mr. Lemke started, is looking to fund the teachers’ salaries for their 3 schools. The cost is $100 per month per school.  One school is almost fully funded for this year – it needs a remaining $200. The other two schools need 10 months of salary – $1,000 each. Will you help me fund these schools?

Will 22 of you step forward and donate $100 today, RIGHT NOW, so we can praise Jesus for his provision and go back to eating til our bellies are overly full and we have to throw away the leftovers? Seriously? Will you provide the teachers these children need to learn how to read and write, and afford them the opportunity of arriving at school to a hot breakfast and a hot lunch – many times the only food they have access to? You, the one who’s a little squeamish and isn’t all that sure about contributing to an organization she’s never heard of? Or sure if the budget will allow for a one-time gift of $100?

98% of every dollar donated to Children’s Lifeline goes directly to the programs… not administrative costs. Email me or comment below to let me know you’re with me in this… I’ll give you the info on how to donate.

Who’s with me?

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  • Laurie / November 14, 2014 / Reply

    Can you send me more info about them or how to donate?

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