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October 29, 2009/Natalie

Ryan had a quiet day today. It’s the first day in a week and a half that he hasn’t had a fever… he was cultured a bazillion times over the last 10 days and nothing ever grew so we aren’t sure what was causing the fevers. He had a regimen of antibiotics and now, wa-la, fever gone. 

He was so sweet today during my visit. He slept most the time, but when I woke him up to talk to him he smiled really big and raised his eyebrows (his signature move for being engaged in the conversation). Then I changed his diaper and ruined everything. He silently screamed his head off so I turned on the tape of the girls playing (the vent tube goes down between his vocal cords making it impossible for him to make any vocal noise while intubated…. don’t laugh but Henry asked if we could try this with our two at home when the docs first explained this phenomenon).  
Back to the story though… I turned on the tape and patted his little leg to soothe him. Within five minutes, literally, he was fast asleep. The nurses all say the sounds of the girls playing put him right out. One calls it audio methadone
Some time later the tape clicked off so I turned it to the other side. The audio went from the girls playing with each other in the background to Natalie talking close to the mic and directly to Ryan. 
“Hi, Ryan. I love you. I miss you. I wish you were home. I love your eyebrows. I love your eyelashes. I love your cute face. I love your nose. One day you will grow up and hear me and understand me. And you will listen to me….” She goes on like this for about five minutes, even making up songs like “I love you. I love marshmallows. I love you. I love marshmallows” in a way only a little girl can.   
The sweetest thing is when her lone voice came on in her crystal clear five year old speak, Ryan’s eyebrows crinkled and then he opened one eye the tiniest bit looking to see if she was there. Then he smiled a tired, droopy smile. He continued to smile on and off for a few minutes before he drifted back off to sleep. 
Oh my gosh! Priceless. The nurse teared up. I tried not to. But wow! That boy loves his sister. He knows her. And he is comforted by her. 

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  • Michelle / October 29, 2009 / Reply

    So adorable! I’m teared up just reading this blog! My heart really goes out for you and your family. Will continue to pray for Ryan and your family. I’m glad Ryan settled down some today. Hang in there,God is truly amazing! 🙂 <3 <3 <3

  • brentbushey / October 29, 2009 / Reply

    Wow- thanks for a very cool post. That even got to a big lug like me.

    We know all too well the unexplained fevers– gotta love it when they just test like crazy and nothing makes sense. Henry’s comment about the vent was echoed by my aunt earlier this year when she learned that our daughter’s trach didn’t allow her to scream. My aunt has three boys and suggested traching boys as a standard part of the circumcision procedure. 🙂
    Thanks again!

  • Linda / October 29, 2009 / Reply

    My daughter Lynnette and I prayed together for Ryan today over the phone. We also prayed for Stellan who is back in the hospital. Our hearts go out to you all. Keep trusting God and leaning on Him.

    So sweet that Ryan knows his sissy’s voice, and that he gave you the big smile and the raised eyebrow!

    Love and Prayers
    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  • Courtney / October 29, 2009 / Reply

    leighann…that was PRECIOUS!

  • -Shaken, not stirred / October 29, 2009 / Reply

    this is so comforting to hear:) We’re continuing to pray for Ryan and your family.

  • MotherGoose518 / October 29, 2009 / Reply

    OMG, pass the tissue is right! That is BEYOND precious!!! One of my absolute favorite things in the world is when siblings enjoy each other.

  • Melanie / October 29, 2009 / Reply

    Oh my goodness! What a tear jerker post. So very precious! Keeping you all in prayer.

  • Abi / October 29, 2009 / Reply

    Pass the tissues.

    How long until Natalie and Ainsley are allowed to visit him?

  • Melinda Arnold / October 29, 2009 / Reply

    All the best to your little hobbit….
    I have a teenager I wouldn’t mind traching….but that would be wrong…

  • Christy / October 29, 2009 / Reply

    Goodness, children are such precious gifts aren’t they? My daughter is the world to my son and him to her as well. They both light up when you mention the other’s name or they walk into the room.
    I had tears in my eyes as I read this. I pray that things will move forward and your daughters will be able to visit Ryan soon. I know how much they all need that.

  • Beckysblog / October 29, 2009 / Reply

    Oh you sweet lady and your sweet family.
    Im praying for you.

  • Anonymous / October 29, 2009 / Reply

    So cute! I am glad to hear the cath went well and that Ryan is stable.
    Keeping all of you in our prayers.
    love, Evelien

  • K-tribe / October 29, 2009 / Reply

    So do you think he’s going to be a ladies man or what? Hopefully you will be able to get those girls in there soon. You were so smart to tape the girls playing for him. Mama knows best!!

  • Jennifer / October 29, 2009 / Reply

    Yup, you got me teary! That is soooo sweet!! My 5yo daughter sang a song like that when her baby sister came home from the hospital – I love your eyes, I love your nose, I love your chin…I love every part of you. We have it on video too!

    Hope things turn around soon so you can all be a family at home!

  • Maggie / October 29, 2009 / Reply

    I totally teared up. I don’t know how you didn’t lose it.

  • Heather / October 30, 2009 / Reply

    Now I need a tissue. That is so sweet, thanks for sharing.

  • Kristen / October 30, 2009 / Reply

    The power of sibling bonds are AMAZING! I think you know this, and your daughters do too. They are missing his visits and feel left out. Maybe the girls need to hear and see Ryan to see if he’s okay, just like Ryan got to hear the girls playing and fell asleep to the background noise he is used to. Maybe the girls need to hear the machinary, hear you talking and singing to him and see his little eyebrows raise when he acknowledges their voices!

  • *Mirage* / November 1, 2009 / Reply

    Oh that’s so sweet it made me cry!

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