Adding a second baby (or any added work)

March 10, 2016/#embracinghard

Advice for adding a second baby

Hey guys!  Having a second baby is a wonderful time, but also stressful with the added work. In this video I share my experience from when I added our baby number 2 in response to a reader’s question. The advice in this video pertains not only to adding children, but really anything that takes up the time of the primary caregiver, whether it be volunteer opportunities, a job, or home projects.

I found adding the newborn wasn’t the hard part – I’d done that before. It was keeping up with the toddler!  Take a look and see what other advice I had to give and then comment below with your own advice from your experiences.  And if you know someone adding more work to their plate, share this video with them via the social media buttons below.

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