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April 26, 2010/motherhood

You know how when you go to conferences and seminars there is always an introduction for the speaker? Well, listening to CSPAN the other day, it made me wonder what my introduction would be. Here is what I came up with:

Ms. Marquiss is the mother of three children and the wife of one husband.

Ms. Marquiss has spent the last six years cultivating a career in motherhood. Giving birth to two girls and one boy, she has experienced natural, epidural-enhanced, and cesarean-section-assisted childbirth. Adjusting to life after the birth of each of her children has been eye-opening and humbling.

Her skill set ranges from changing poopy diapers, catching vomit in her hands, probing body cavities for missing small objects, planning arts and crafts for small children, creating a loving environment for her family, and lassoing the moon.

She can frequently be found stirring dinner, while on the phone making doctor appointments, simultaneously handing out after-school snacks and pouring drinks into sippy cups all the while with one child hanging onto each leg and balancing one on her hip.

She can also frequently be found doing laundry.

She has been known to perform tricky mental task such as when the kids are lying down to sleep trying to remember the last time she saw Ainsley’s favorite stuffed dog, replaying the tape in her mind, then casually going downstairs to pull said dog out from under the living room couch. Or, remembering for her daily charges the last time they had their school shoes, wallet, cell phone, or keys.

Did I mention laundry?

She is also kept busy by a wonderful husband, who labors at a local (okay national) financial institution, planning family outings, dreaming up romantic dates, and keeping everyone on schedule and under budget – a job she readily accepts. In fact on most days, there is nothing more she would rather be doing. On other days, well…. let’s not go there.

In her spare time, Ms. Marquiss enjoys the idea of gourmet cooking, gardening, decorating, and wearing something other than jeans and a t-shirt. She lives with her husband, three children, and neurotic cat in the suburbs of her nation’s capital.

Oh, and she does laundry.

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  • Jennifer / April 26, 2010 / Reply

    Oh Leighann, I SOOOOOO hear you, I have laundry waiting in my room right now to be folded and delivered to rooms. There WILL come a day when your kids are old enough to first put their own clothes away -yeah!, Then to actually help DO the laundry! BIGGER yeah! They are not great at folding it but we’re working on it – they’re about to lose the option of TV while they fold. LOL

    I’ll have to share with you at some point my current laundry “system,” It’s the umpteenth version of said system and the one that has lasted the longest.

    But for a chuckle here’s the job description from my LinkedIN profile – don’t ask why I even have one, I can’t even remember!

    “As CINC-Home, I provide educational management, household management and organizational services, personal shopping, driving and escort to minors, landscaping, interior design and decoration, entertainment, event planning, health and fitness, health care management, law enforcement, leisure travel & tourism, mental health care, philanthropy, photography, sports & recreation, veterinary care.”

    CINC stands for Commander In Chief. It was Wayne’s designation for me early on in our parenthood.

    Have a great day!

  • Michelle: / April 26, 2010 / Reply

    hahahahaa beautiful post Leighann! I, too, have laundry waiting to be folded, now it’s just sitting in a basket on the couch! :o)

  • Anonymous / April 26, 2010 / Reply

    when you say you enjoy the “idea” of gourmet cooking, etc… does that mean you do not have the time and/or energy to actually enjoy the activities??? cute profile. i laughed throughout. love you,

  • Lisa / April 27, 2010 / Reply

    Good Granny’s Gravy you had me rolling and yet again the picture came of you catching vomit in your hands, I do give you major props for that. You are one HANDY person (Pun intended LOL), you have a wonderful sense of humor and you are well written.

  • MotherGoose518 / April 27, 2010 / Reply

    LOL!!! I love love love it!

    I promise, one day soon your girls will be able to do their own laundry. Well, assuming you teach them. Now is the time to start – Natalie is old enough to fold and put away her own laundry and Ainsly can put away her own and help with towels!

  • Karen / April 27, 2010 / Reply

    love it – especially the laundry!! The other day – my hubby called for me – I told him I was “in the laundry room” – ha answered ” of course you are”! Maybe we can start an elite society of “Laundry Room Moms”!

    Love your sense of humor through it all!

  • Courtney / April 27, 2010 / Reply

    that was so fun to read!

  • Sara / April 28, 2010 / Reply

    I’m a day behind on your posts…this gave me a very much needed giggle! Thanks for your “realness” and letting us be a part of your everyday life…you are amazing!

  • Anonymous / April 29, 2010 / Reply

    So funny! I would comment more, but I have piles of laundry awaiting me 🙂


  • Anonymous / May 2, 2010 / Reply

    Mrs. Marquiss is the bomb.

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