3 Simple Ways to Engage Your Children

March 6, 2014/Parenting

Engage Children

Sometimes it can be overwhelming listening to all the things we’re supposed to do as parents to make sure our children “turn out right.” I recently saw a list called “365 ways to make your child feel loved.” It included making them a hot breakfast every morning. Look, ladies, I’m lucky not to be a hot mess in the morning after being up with the baby in the night, let alone cook a hot breakfast. So here are 3 simple ways – doable ways – to engage your children.

1. Celebrate who they are: Most parents want their kids to be the best at everything‚Ķ especially something the parent themselves excelled at, and quite often at things they didn’t. It’s almost as if we feel we can right all the wrongs we did as kids by producing the perfect child. While parents should help kids recognize and improve their weaknesses, we might be surprised how much they excel when we focus on their strengths. Is your child is bossy? Turn it into a positive by helping them develop their leadership skills. Does your child like to have things just so? Teach them the art of organization (and outsource some of those closets to them!).

2. Use effective parenting: The best parenting advice I’ve ever heard is know your child. Know what form of communication works best for your kiddo. Know what environment works best for their learning. Know what form of discipline works for their personality and be consistent with it. Take the first few years to really learn your child’s temperament and then work with it. You may parent three children all a different way. That’s okay and to be expected.

3. Give them appropriate space: As much as we are our children’s teachers, we need to allow them room to explore, learn, and create on their own. If we hover and fuss over them all the time, they don’t learn to problem-solve or how to entertain themselves. Be present in their lives while at the same time giving them autonomy where needed. You’ll be amazed at what kids come up with when given the chance.

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