I saw this idea on the Hill Collection blog and thought it was a fun idea. I hardly ever give you trivia facts about me so here we go!   four nicknames Leebee(my dad), Leigh, mom four jobs I have had concession stand worker, nanny, executive assistant, writer  four movies I have watched more than once A Painted Veil, The Bourne Series, Sweet Home Alabama,... read more >>

Happy Memorial Day!
Today we'll say farewell to my sister Dottie and her husband Adam as they head back to their home in Chicago. The rest of the day we'll spend as a family celebrating the heroes who fight for our freedom and the freedom of those around the world who don't have a voice!  Thank you to various family members and friends who willingly sacrifice time with their families and risk... read more >>

Ryan’s upcoming surgery {The Fontan}
We finally have Ryan's surgery date for his Fontan. There's lot of processing going on in this mama-brain so I laid it all out nice for y'all. Here goes: 1. Ryan's surgery is scheduled for July 1. That's a Wednesday. He will be in-house (hospitalized) for at least 3 weeks. If there are any complications or he catches a virus, he'll be there longer. Blah! 2. How I feel... read more >>

Overwhelmed by your inbox?
If you’re anything like me, you get a crazy amount of email daily, many of which go unread and clutter up your mental space.  Here are four simple tips you can start doing today to weed through all the clutter leaving you to think about more important things. 1. Unsubscribe to all mass commercial emails. Listen. This one will take you a few extra clicks per day, but... read more >>

The bug has landed.

It's starting off to be a stellar week!  Thursday and Friday I was out of pocket as Ryan, Piper, and I headed off to the DC Metro area for his MRI and my speaking engagement. It was a whirlwind trip, but I was able to see several friends whom I rarely get to see in person and I loved every minute of it. We haven't gotten the results of the MRI, but when I do, I'll let... read more >>

You don’t get credit for slowing down in life, but you should
My husband stayed home from work the other day. He wasn’t feeling very well.  Days like this are hard for me and my Type-A personality. When my husband has the day off, he doesn’t understand that I don’t have the day off. He’s so laid-back and spontaneous. I wish I were more like him. But I’m not. So when he asked if I wanted to watch a movie with him... read more >>

You know, just the normal stuff going on around here.

Leighann Marquiss
It’s Tuesday and I’m sitting down to write my blog post for Wednesday while the kids are at school. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. I’m not sure if it was PMSing (sorry, it’s real life over here) or because I was dreading going to get Ryan’s blood drawn today. We had to do this fun little activity a few weeks ago in preparation for his... read more >>

Pride Comes Before a Fall: A mother’s story of brokenness
A wise sage once said, “Pride comes before a fall.” I’ve always taken that as a warning not to become too prideful lest you succumb to a similar temptation. Or perhaps get so puffed up only to be proven publically not to be the person you say you are.  However, the older I get the more I think it means that pride comes before a fall in the sense that humility comes... read more >>

What a fat panda taught me about parenting

Just before Easter, the stomach bug hit our house and really all the littles wanted to do was cuddle during the day. As a busy mom of four, the last thing I have time to do is sit down. However, lately, I’ve really been trying to slow down and take each day as it comes. So I sat down with them to watch a Kung Fu Panda. As I held my babies close and sat still for what... read more >>

Finding the {ideal} balance

living with four hobbits and a giant
I realized lately how hard I work on a daily basis to attain some sort of level of ideal. I’m not a perfectionist, but I am bent on accomplishing. I’m not perfect, my house isn’t perfect, my kids aren’t perfect, but still, when I wake up at the beginning of each day, I look forward to achieving the ideal day.  Deep inside I think that if I line up enough ideal days,... read more >>