A different kind of gift this Mother’s Day

Uganda patient
This Mother's Day, I'm asking you to rethink giving. Most of us, when we donate goods, donate what we don’t want… things we’re done using. They hold very little value to us. There’s no real reason for us to keep them. It would be a tragedy for us not to donate them. When we have a little extra money in our pocket (and when I say extra, I mean above what we need... read more >>

Delegating: The ultimate list for busy moms on a budget

delegating for moms
When you ask how someone is doing, “Busy” is just as likely as “Good” to be their answer. In this fast-paced world we live in, finding ways to delegate can be a life-saver. However, sometimes the cost is hard to justify on a budget. Here is a list of ways busy moms can delegate without breaking the bank. 1. Personal Clothes shopping such as Stitch Fix... read more >>

When an adult time out is a good idea.

When an Adult time out is a good idea...
Growing up I played a lot of sports. I loved the feeling of competing and working toward a goal with a team of like-minded individuals. Things I learned way back then have translated well into adult life. And one of them, is knowing when to take a time-out. Over the last few years, especially since Ryan, I’ve noticed four common circumstances where you should take... read more >>

{Video Series} Tips for Staying on task

Hey guys! One of the questions from the reader's survey was "How do you stay on task?" In this video, I share my system for staying focused and on task. Here is a link to the post I did a few years ago on how I keep my notebook. I still use this system today and love it. Let me know in the comments how you keep on task. If you found this video helpful, please share... read more >>

{self esteem} Are you allowing others to determine your worth?

self esteem
The last few weeks we’ve talked about mindset - how it’s okay to change your mind. Growth and maturity lead us to discover new information and without the humility to say we’re wrong, we stagnate. It is okay, folks, to learn. You heard it here first! We talked about how life isn’t about seeking after happiness. That happiness is as elusive as the Holy Grail when... read more >>

Are you a closet perfectionist?

pursuit of perfectionism
I have a confession to make. Recently my frustration level with Ryan was building. I could hear the sternness in my voice and feel my emotions triggered multiple times a day. I could see in his little face that he was sad he was disappointing me on a regular basis. I knew I had to change my reaction and figure out what the heck was going on. I realized my expectations... read more >>

Happy: Why the American dream is killing our spirit

purpose of life
I'm American, born and raised. I'm hopelessly patriotic, if there is such a thing. I cry when our national anthem is played.  When I think of those who are and who have served our country, sacrificing so much that I might have freedom, I can work myself into an all-out ugly cry. However I have a bone to pick with the founding fathers. I respect them - yep, I do, but... read more >>

Adding a second baby (or any added work)

Advice for adding a second baby Hey guys!  Having a second baby is a wonderful time, but also stressful with the added work. In this video I share my experience from when I added our baby number 2 in response to a reader's question. The advice in this video pertains not only to adding children, but really anything that takes up the time of the primary caregiver, whether it... read more >>

The first sane thing I’ve heard Trump say while campaigning

donald trump
Not gonna lie. I’m already sick of the presidential campaigns and we haven’t even finished the primaries. My husband watches most the debates, and I find myself sucked into the mire. Thursday night I watched as the Republican front-runners argued about whether or not the other is a liar and digressed into personal attacks. Meh! I’m not a yyuuggee Trump fan when it... read more >>