What to say to someone whose child is ill {and a Ryan update}

It's past 4 am and I'm waiting a few more minutes before trying to go to bed. Ryan's had one heck of an evening, waking up through heavy sedation to flail about and yell. He's one unhappy camper. Around 11 pm I went to get the nurse because Ryan was not only working hard to breathe, but he was cold and clammy. Definitely not the picture of stellar recovery from a few hours... read more >>

Ryan’s Fontan – Day 2

The plan as of last night was to extubate as soon as possible, but if you've ever been in an ICU, you know plans change frequently. The team decided to leave him on the vent overnight since he's such a complex case and work to wean him off sometime this afternoon. They ended up pulling the vent tube this morning after rounds when Ryan sat up straight in the bed and decided... read more >>

Surgery update

We are in the CICU with Ryan, who is still slumbering from his busy morning having his heart opened up and rewired. The team is working toward getting him off the ventilator this evening and keeping him comfortable. We are watching his numbers - which so far are very good. He's sustaining o2 sats at 96/97, which is a first for him. His feet and hands are pink and warm.... read more >>

Surgery has started

Ryan went back with anesthesiology at about 7:30. First cut will be around 9 am. Please pray that his runny nose and cough will not complicate things. The team assures us they move forward with these symptoms routinely and not to worry. I'm a mom so I'm worried, of course! Will update again when we have more... read more >>

Getting ready for surgery

All week I've been saying to myself that I need to start packing for next week. We drop the girls off Monday with family, we are in pre-op appointments all day Tuesday and Wednesday is the big day. I keep saying it, but I've had a hard time actually doing laundry and putting it into piles, let alone into suitcases. Guys, the kids and I will be gone for three weeks. I think... read more >>

Help me choose {Stitch Fix #10}

I decided to get one more Stitch Fix to round out my spring/summer clothes. I was really in need of cute, unworn shirts after Piper was born, but was nursing, so shopping and I didn't get along for awhile (read: a year). After this fix, I think I'll be set for awhile. I requested my favorite stylist and was really pleased with what I got. I've really been swooning over... read more >>

Paleo Fried Zucchini Bites

zuchinni ingredients
I've been off grains and dairy the last few weeks, which pretty much leaves my diet paleo in nature. Henry and I ate paleo for awhile (a year maybe) before I got pregnant with Piper at which time I needed something - bread, crackers, wheat-filled items - to try and calm my morning sickness.  I realized in that time I came back to main-stream eating that I actually have a... read more >>

I’m done being Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins graphic
Photo: © Walt Disney Productions Sometimes I have to remind my kids I'm not Mary Poppins. I’d like to say I don’t know when it started, but I do. It started a decade ago when my eldest was a toddler barely wobbling around on fat, michelin man legs in her new little knock-off Robeez. I learned quickly how loudly she could cry when she didn’t have a drink handy or... read more >>

Looking for a fixer.

Have you ever felt defeated?  Depressed? Heavy with the burdens and concerns of life? Have you ever felt like the curtain was closing in on all your hopes and dreams?  You long for someone to come and solve all the problems? Those who followed Jesus were looking for a revolutionary. They were under the Roman regime that oppressed them. They wanted to overthrow the Roman... read more >>

Home to New York

Somehow I missed posting on Friday and Monday. I always say somehow when I don't really have an excuse other than simply not doing something…. so somehow it happened, or didn't happen for that matter. I think I was too busy relaxing. Seriously. My brain decided it had nothing to say because it couldn't be bothered to think of words. The big kids and Henry went... read more >>